Was Denny Hamlin's move to spin out Chase Elliott dirty?

  • Jonathon smith - 3 years ago

    Im not a Denny Hamlin fan by any means and i was hoping that Chase Elliott won but almost every other driver would have done the same thing ive seen it time and time again Dale Sr used that move many times its just part of it some drivers choose to use the bumper some choose not to so i dont think Denny should be shunned for what almost any other driver would have done and again not a Hamlin fan

  • Clint - 3 years ago

    I always expected more from DENNY Hamlin. I know he has been on the bad end of some “just racin’” deals in the past but did not expect him to intentionally take out a youngster who was about to win his first big league race.

  • Nicki - 3 years ago

    The apology that was released is absolute crap, it was made to “save face” so Coach Joe doesn’t look bad. If anyone honestly thinks that Hamlin wrote it, I’d say they’re crazy...

  • Ernest Sutton - 3 years ago

    Many great & successful drivers have made bad decisions......this was a bad one on Denny's part. There's no excuse for it, but he did at least take responsibility & apologize. I was a huge Dale Earnhardt fan & remember him doing the same thing to Terry Labonte.

  • Coleen - 3 years ago

    You can always count on Hamlin to take someone out if he can’t pass you he takes you out but do it to him and watch him cry

  • Ann Spencer - 3 years ago

    Denny said he had never spun out another leader well he lied he has even spun his own team mate out I knew what he was going to do before it happened he is a driver that only cares for his self what he did to Chase was wrong but Chase is a class act Denny is a person that needs to look inside his self and see that he is a person and driver that will spin out any body that he is afraid that is going to be a better driver than e will ever be Nascar has lost a lot of fans for the way they have done and they will lose a lot more

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