POLL: Should winter tires be mandatory in Alberta?

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  • Dave - 2 years ago

    Drivers in Alberta have become more careless year on year; snow tires are almost table stakes now. Also, the quest for long lasting all season tires that return extreme fuel mileage has resulted in a dramatic change in all season tire compositions. Tires used to last 40,000 Km, now we see 80,000 + km’s. There is not more tread, the rubber compounds have become harder and more wear resistant. If you don’t want winters, insurance companies should be able to change rates much as the do for high powered sports cars.

  • Jennifer - 2 years ago

    Is the government going to pay for these winter tires?! I do not agree with being forced into paying a large amount of money for something I do not need.

  • Jeff - 2 years ago

    We should continue to rely on insurance methods for data, rather than tire companies. Why should a family be forced to buy and store winter tires when they don't get into accidents.

  • Karen Pegg - 2 years ago

    Although I agree with winter tires, I don’t agree that they should be mandatory. Enuff with mandatory legislation from seatbelts to tires. If someone chooses not to take these protective measures, well then, let the potential consequences be on them.

  • Evan - 2 years ago

    I like the idea, as it should protect drivers more. Then again defensive driving lessons, not texting and driving, respecting road speed and knowing how to leave enough space between cars without people feeling it was meant for them to cut in - would all be more appropriate. If it became law, there would have to be a way to help financially or stipulate the cost within business.

  • Jeff Libbey - 2 years ago

    I definitely recommend winter tires for many Alberta drivers. For my car, and many (most?) Others they are superior to All Season tires on ice and snow. But this poll is NOT about whether these tires are good. This poll is about whether we want our GOVERNMENT passing yet another law top control our behavior. NO! winter tires should not be mandatory, but they are a very good idea.

    Make good choices. Don't let the government protect you from yourself yet again.

  • Henry - 2 years ago

    Winter tires are a rip off in calgary you dont need them...and tire companies are ripping everyone off too. Drive like a sane human being in the winter and you wont need them

  • Peter - 2 years ago

    People need to realize how flooded the Cdn tire market has become from imports that have never even been properly tested in Cdn winter conditions. Are U seriously placing you and your family's lives in an all weather tire from Mexico, Australia, or Europe?
    Give me all the protection I can get, and if it means an extra $800 or so then I would rather have it than being sorry later. Slowing down is a terrific idea, but if you can't stop then it doesn't matter how slow you are travelling.

  • ES - 2 years ago

    And will AB government pay for the tires? It costs a fortune for them; perhaps people should just move elsewhere, would they like that?

  • Raeanne - 2 years ago

    Winter tires were never a demand in years prior, even way back in the day. we all had all season tires. Everyone got around just fine. I have been in wild winters and to me winter tires are for people who are too scared to drive in these conditions and do not know how to slow down. Its an easy way out really, just to stop right then and there.
    Regardless of what type of tire you have or vehicle, everyone needs to slow down and take it easy out there. Winter tires don't need to be mandatory because not everyone can afford 2 sets of tires and they are useless. I totally agree with Bill.

  • Bill Derechey - 2 years ago

    For years all-season tires did the job. Perhaps drivers should learn how to drive in winter conditions. Winter tires may create a bigger problem because drivers may make foolish decisions thinking they can take greater risks because the tires will save them. Furthermore, it becomes very costly to purchase 4 winter tires, 4 new rims, installing the tires in the fall, installing the summer tires in the spring, and storing the tires.

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