Were you able to get an iPhone X from your local store?

Posted 1 year.


  • Nick - 1 year ago

    Surely the poll results show that a sizeable minority of readers are not having any luck, so I think it is too early to say that availability is better than expected perhaps?

  • Fred - 1 year ago

    I got caught up in online glitches after I woke up a 2:55am last Friday to place my order. By the time I successfully checked out at 3:15 I was in the arriving 17-24 November wave. I was not happy but resigned myself to waiting since I didn’t have the heart to camp out overnight this year.

    I went to the office Friday morning but gave it a little thought. My office is a 20 minute walk and Metro ride from the Tysons Corner Apple Store in McLean VA. Why don’t I just hop over there and check out the line. I got there at 8:45 and the line was about 8 store lengths long and I could tell the folks at the front had been in camp out mode, Some still asleep in the doorways of closed shops.

    I decided to give it a try. The Apple associates were being dutifully vague about supply levels as they came back to check on the new entrants into the line. After about two hours in and having only moved about 1.5 store lengths one of them slipped and gave clear indication that we’d likely get a phone if we stayed in line. That was all it took the group of folks I had befriended by now, we’re in for how ever long it took. At about 1:00 we had finally made it to a position directly across from the Apple Store.

    That’s when the line seemed to stall. I mentally marked the folks across the way from us at the front of the line and observed that they only took in one person in 30 minutes. Our hopes were starting to fade when an associate came down the line telling us that there would be coming though the line to take reservations for later in the day. He officially confirmed that we would be getting a phone today.

    When the pair leap frogging down the line got to me I was offered the option to stay in line or make a pickup reservation. I reserved two phones for pickup at 4:30. One for me and one for my brother who was also in the same pre-order batch as me. So I reluctantly got out of line but decided not to cancel my pre-order until o got back and really knew I would be getting one.

    When I returned at 4:00 I was surprised to still see a line of about 40 people with the associates still taking pickup reservations for folks who had just walked up! I got I to the reservation line and placed in order for my pickup time. One person with an earlier time got placed in front of me while I waited no more than five minutes.

    I didn’t cancel my pre-order until I had the two phones on the table in front of me. I went on the web page and canceled the preorder and a minute later he was able to attach the phone in his hand to the AT&T upgrade that had been associated with the pre-order. I was shocked at how easy it was. My brother’s transaction was cash and went though in minutes. It was a near perfect experience until after he noticed that I was paying for the transactions on my Series 3 watch that at some point switched to its own cell connection when my old phone lost its cell service, said “I am surprised that someone in your age group has all of the latest technology”. I am a 58 year old engineer who has been an early adopter before he was born! I let him have that one.

    He had already told me that I was going to be his last customer of his long day he made up for his comment by finding me after I had said goodbye and went to buy some accessories on my own. He helped me with that and then also set me up to have someone put on the screen protector.

    So one of the two first Apple retail stores ever apparently had a large enough supply to meet demand into the evening of launch day with most folks in line probably buying two phones!

  • FuzzmanX - 1 year ago

    Walked right into Best Buy and had no trouble buying a NOTE 8 for $930. Bigger display, upgradable storage,and a stylus. It has a 6.3" display, and that measurement doesn't include space taken up by the ear phone. Has a thumbprint scanner. But if you want to pay more for a much smaller phone, kiddie-style animated emojis, and headphones like cuff links, go ahead and stand in line.

  • Crystal - 1 year ago

    I was able to receive the color I wanted was told it’s only comes in black or silver .. I love rose gold but wasn’t available . However I truly like the features of this phone so far .. the animal emoji is awesome

  • Anton - 1 year ago

    Verizon seemed to have best availability, although only silver 64GB in stock. No line, no down in Denver. Stupid T-Mobile wanted $270 down and ATT had no stock.

  • William Cree - 1 year ago

    I went in to the Modesto store to buy an iPhone 7 but the line at the store was long. I didn't realize that the x model was being released today. I should pay more attention. I will come back later when its not so busy. It didn't look like Apple is in trouble with sales.

  • Jezlina (Brisbane, Australia) - 1 year ago

    Lined up for the first time for an iPhone launch 2.5 hrs before the Apple store opened. Approximately 100-120 already in line but the store had great availability and was able to get 64GB Space Grey and 256GB Silver.

  • Courtney - 1 year ago

    Call 4 AT&T stores in my area only 2 were shipped iPhone X. Call 6 stores in an hours drive away none had them. I’ve never had that problem on a release day. I ordered online phone will ship 12/11-12/26.

  • Cory - Atlanta - 1 year ago

    Ordered online, 256gb, Xfinity mobile, Nov 17th delivery got delivered today. Waiting to get home from work now to try it out

  • Kevin Rowley - 1 year ago

    I ordered on line a few minutes after launch, 259 silver, delivery 15 December I received an email from Apple 4 hours ago it’s now 14 December yet if I go on line and buy another one I can have it in3 week!

  • Todd G. (Metro Atlanta) - 1 year ago

    Sorta... Ordered the Silver 256gb and schedule to deliver 11/17-11/24. I will venture into the Apple Store to look at both colors and try to change to the black if it look better. I though ordering was less hassle that stomping the concrete, hoping and waiting in line to perhaps come up dry on the first attempt.

  • Aimee - 1 year ago

    Went down to my local Verizon store after I got kids to school about 930 am. They had no line and 2 X’s available! Boom took them both ! Thanks Verizon you ROCK ????

  • Charles Kohler - 1 year ago

    Got to the shopping center (Roseville, CA) at 5:00 a.m. and there was a line of about 50 - 60 ahead of me. Shopping center doors opened a little after 6:00, and Apple employees immediately welcomed us and explained how things would work. By 6:20 they were making reservations, and when the store opened around 8:00, people were walking in to get their iPhone X's. I was out the door with my new toy (exactly what I wanted) about 8:40. There was still a line of 40 - 50 when I left, and they all appeared to be getting X's with no problem. I’ve waited in lines at this store before, and this was the smoothest release day operation I have ever experienced. Good job Apple!

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