Who Loves Sam More, SB Jason or BM Jason?

  • Beverly - 4 years ago

    Come BM fans who you kidding she was engaged to Patrick and also in live with him till she was told Drew was Jason then she went out of her way to get him back she was pregnant from sonny lost her baby there's your chance pretty little innocent sam take your losses and run to the hills but know putting Liz's child to get kidnap wants to adopt young girls baby and raise it with Jason know your history so call fans Jasam in GH have history in love All these BM fans want them to stick together cuz their dating in real life well keep it that way real life this a soap opera Jasam forever and the real writers know that Please writers stick to the soap facts jason and sam belong together

  • Nancy whitehead - 4 years ago

    EM I agree it is what swing you put on it BM left sonny to cling to his wife and family what you are suppose to SB is a machine he will have a relationship if it doesn't interfer with his sonny pure and simple

  • S - 4 years ago

    The real Jason has let Sam go in the past to keep her out of harm. That is not different from what SB Jason is doing. The real Jason would let Sam go despite how much he loves her

  • EM - 4 years ago

    Could you be any more prejudice? Pure love, good grief. BM Jason isn’t any more possessive than SB Jason. He doesn’t love Sam any less. Quit trying to get viewers to root for a man who could have a temper tantrum and beat someone up without even thinking or listening to reason. Sam was the one who said she wanted to protect her children and get her husband away from Sonny’s influence. SB Jason can’t be that man. BM Jason can and has moved heaven and earth to do so. Once again you are trying to set viewers up for a fall as you try to get them to fall in love with SB Jason.

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