How do you feel about Tommy Wiseau's "The Room?" (Poll Closed)

  • "It excites me so much." (Seen it, like it)

  • "You didn't get it, did you?" (Seen it, don't like it)

  • "I'm fixing the apartment for Johnny's birthday, but I'm really not into it." (Haven't, am curious)

  • "Why, Johnny? Why? Johnny, why? Why?" (Haven't, won't)

Posted 1 year.


  • Erin Teachman (Washington, DC) - 1 year ago

    I’m genuinely shocked that “You didn’t get it, did you” is lagging so far behind. I didn’t see The Room in a theater, and I’m sure that is a wild experience if you got a dedicated crowd that’s really into it, but I did see it with a bunch of bad movie junkies, so I get it. I don’t subscribe to “So bad, it’s good” theory because we believe in the law of no contradiction in my household. BUT. A certain kind of bad movie can be a cathartic and fun experience. Troll 2 is my favorite example of that. I for sure don’t believe Wiseau set out to make a howlingly bad masterpiece, but it certainly features the kind of passionate incompetence that puts “So bad, it’s fun” in play. Just not for me.

  • Jesse Kuda - 1 year ago

    When I saw that my local Milwaukee theater was doing a midnight showing of The Room ahead of the impending Disaster Artist, I knew it was time to finally watch this modern masterpiece. While I spent most of the movie wondering why people were throwing plastic spoons, I truly revelled in how truly awful the film is. Wiseau's suspect acting aside, the movie vacillates wildly between 90s sitcom and late-night Cinemax in presentation and commits a preponderance of cinema faux pas (just how much San Fran B-roll was the crew sent to collect?). I found this movie teetering on the "so bad it's good" line, but can't deny the appeal of some of the best scenes, including Denny's unplanned intervention on the rooftop. I hate to admit that the audience engagement led to me missing most of the more quotable lines, which means... I'll probably have to see this film again.

  • Max O'Connell - 1 year ago

    I'm a little surprised that the "seen it, like it" category isn't "He's my best friend." (I've seen it upwards of 30 times, it's a sickness)

  • Chuck McElroy - 1 year ago

    Haven't/won't for me. People REALLY can't seem to get over that a guy made a bad movie with bad acting in it.

    I've been hearing about The Room constantly since college, always in the same annoying, name-dropping sort of tone. Has totally put me off any chance of spending the time to see it -- "No dude, you don't get it, the actings bad but it's actually basically a masterpiece. We throw FORKS...get the SCREEN!! It's HILARIOUS!". I know...I get more...

  • Jack S Sinclair - 1 year ago

    I would have added other/unsure with the line “You're tearing me apart, Lisa!” but since I am not able to vote that way I went with "I'm fixing the apartment for Johnny's birthday, but I'm really not into it."

  • Kristian Kristensen - 1 year ago

    From Porsgrunn, Norway

    You provoked me to finally watch this. In a world full of apathy one man wanted to make a grand film. Tommy Wiseau had a vision and followed through to completion. The Room may not be what he intended, but he has brought a lot of joy to people. There is value in that. I appreciate the sincerity of The Room over (almost) all of Adam Sandler's movies or the latest Michael Bay spectacle. It may not be good in the traditional sense, but bad movies like this frequently suprise me with unexpected moments. After seeing this I had a long, philosphical discussion with a friend about the sentence; "You couldn't kill me if you tried!" That is the kind of conversations The Room inspire.

    PS! Could this be a suitable film punishment for Josh? Forcing him to watch Sandler comedies is just too cruel.

  • Alex - 1 year ago

    From Madison, WI,

    The Room is a rare film in so many ways, but perhaps the most important rarity is that it demands a theatrical experience. Some may not understand the enjoyment of "so bad, it's good" film culture, and that is all well and good. But to fully grasp the cult hilarity of The Room one should view it in a room full of people. At the very least, gather a group of friends with a strong sense of humor. Watching it alone is a fool's errand.

    The difference between The Room and kitschy bad movies like Sharknado is the sheer earnestness of Wiseau's intent. The blindness of the film's construction gives it a signature sublimity and surreality that is unshakable. If nothing else, it deserves its place in cinema history for its tonal originality.

  • Bob Edgar - 1 year ago

    From Somers, CT

    Bad camera work, bad sets, bad acting, if you can call it acting. I watched it because I fell for the many mentions it has received in various places. Also, because the trailer for the Franco/Rogen film intrigued me. Maybe I’m too old to get the “It’s so bad it’s good” aspect.
    Oh, hello, Steve.

  • Jacob Meltzer - 1 year ago

    Oh Hi, Filmspotting!

    I've seen the film in the theater twice, plastic spoon throwing and soft toss football included, and absolutely loved the experience both times. However, I cannot imagine just watching it alone at home like I watch a lot of films. Even though it's a far inferior film, The Room is Rocky Horror for millennials in terms of the midnight communal theatergoing experience. Also, it's hilarious that 80% of the time when I bring the movie up, people think of Room, the Brie Larson movie.

    This is all preamble to say that I'm looking forward to The Disaster Artist more than any other film coming out this year, including Star Wars.

  • Joshua Gaul - 1 year ago

    I recognize the twisted love for it, and part of me wants to love it. But as hilariously bad as the line reading is and the sex scenes are, I can’t bring myself to enjoy itironically. Also, NO HUMAN PERSON PLAYS FOOTBALL LIKE THAT.

  • Wade McCormick - 1 year ago

    Commenting from Kansas City, MO

    The Room is a terrible film. We all know this. But I only find it enjoyable by watching "highlights" of the particularly bad/funny bits. Watching the whole thing, though, is a bore. Anyway, how's your sex life?

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