Would you like to see Manus Island asylum seekers resettled in Bendigo?

Posted 1 year.


  • Max - 1 year ago

    When there's no jobless Australian or our war vets are looked after Australia may be in a position to help but as most are NOT GENUINE REFUGEES and just country shoppers sent them back to where they came from.

  • Max - 1 year ago

    When there's no jobless Australian or our war vets are looked after Australia may be in a position to help but as most are NOT GENUINE REFUGEES and just country shoppers sent them back to where they came from.

  • Dawn - 1 year ago

    Logic before emotions please. Will you also take the thousands more illegals that will follow and also take responsibility for the lives that will be lost at sea?

  • murray sanders - 1 year ago

    NO these country shopping scum have already wrecked the accommodation on Manus , don't want these scum in Australia , the government have already given them 70,000 each of our hard hard money FUCK OFF

  • Brian Dowling - 1 year ago

    The council and other groups should stay out of politics and run their own areas. What gives them the right to decide what happens without consulting their ratepayers!!!!????????

  • Romeo - 1 year ago

    Question. Will they assimilate? Can they find a job and not be dependent on the welfare? If they can find a job, will they not be competing with the locals in finding jobs? Are their any Homeless australians and veterans that needs help?

    Before we help other people from other country, we need to make sure that we are able to provide all the needs of the locals.

    We sympathize with the "real" refugees who passes the legal channels of government.

    Repentance is late and you can never turn back time. Learn from other countries with open border on refugees. How are they now?

    Prevention is better than cure

  • jason kerr - 1 year ago

    if you could see the damage they have done to to the free accommodation and facilities generously given to them on Manus Bendigo would re think taking these Men.

  • Andrew - 1 year ago

    Good on you Deb Smith , people not from Bendigo are voting because they will have to pay. That's why they vote , look at the big picture how many are you going to help Deb.

  • Debbie Smith - 1 year ago

    What a great initiative from the welcoming people of Central Victoria, offering support and help for these refugees to settle in, with services and professionals ready to assist. The negative comments here and stacked poll voting is from a few Facebook hate pages which have directed some horrible people here who don't even live in Bendigo. Shame on them. Refugees are welcome here!

  • Eunice Helmore - 1 year ago

    For goodness sakes, wake up. The last thing this country needs is more of these people. They have money and they are free. They can go to back to their own country now as it is supposed to be safe now. Or they can go to another Muslim country, but they only want Australia. WHY? Be very afraid.

  • Russ Parker - 1 year ago

    Ohh yes, Frank Kennedy, a NUMBER of ways, but none of them good!! Let's not forget that so far we have fed and accommodated these blokes, as a reward for leaving their wives and children behind and paying people smugglers to transport them (via several "safe" countries) in an attempt to unlawfully gain access to Australia. Then they sue us, and then want us to clean up the disgusting mess that they have created?
    Manus is now closed, and these "men" must move into more facilities that the Australian taxpayers are footing the bill for, or GO HOME!

  • RogerWilson - 1 year ago

    What is it with you people, wanting to fill up our Country with vermin and parasites? There must be something in the water in Victoria. Wake up before it’s too late. If you want to get raped, then go to their country, don’t bring the rapists here.

  • Glyn Davies - 1 year ago

    What is it about queue jumping and paying thousands of dollars to smugglers that people do not understand...my sister says let every one in...we had a drought 10-12 years ago plus there are many unemployed as it is now...but I guess if you have to explain they will never understand..

  • Paul Gerard - 1 year ago

    So are any these asylum seekers are going to set themselves on fire, like the one who lit the Commonwealth Bank Springvale branch on fire back in November 2016? Injured 27 people, 6 critical. Reason was because he had a vendetta with the bank. If u want these people in Bendigo, or Australia, then vacate spare room and invite them into your own home to live. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-19/springvale-bank-fire-cctv-footage-aired-in-court/8960540

  • Frank Kennedy - 1 year ago

    Congratulations to those residents of Bendigo who are behind this invitation - makes me proud to have once been a resident of that city. If it could be made to happen, I'm very confident that the Manus refugees would repay the residents of Bendigo many times over in a number of ways.

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