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2017 Leo's Coney Island Game of the Week, regional playoffs (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 6,207

  • Gail Hibsky - 7 years ago

    Go, Pirates, last night bone-chilling temps did not stop the standing room only fans. We support our young men all the way. Just wish there was more about the Pirates in pictures and highlights. We have proven our ability. MAROON AND GOLD!! PIRATE PRIDE. Especially #8.

  • Robert - 7 years ago

    BIG RED PRIDE. GO Big Reds

  • Gail Crayne - 7 years ago

    Riverview all the way!! Go Maroon & Gold!!

  • JD DeMare - 7 years ago

    Nobody supports a team like Riverview, Go Bucs! #bucnation #fearthehorn #hocokings #teamron

  • Football Fan - 7 years ago

    G, after you try and vote a second time it says "Thank you, we have already counted your vote." It's best to have all the facts before accusing a news organization of rigging a poll. Do you honestly think they care who wins or loses a high school football poll?

  • Susie - 7 years ago

    Go Bucs

  • G- - 7 years ago

    No, it doesn't say anyplace you can only vote one time. Usually when that is the case you have to vote with an email address and it recognizes that you already voted and will not let you vote again. Maybe I misunderstood, but the way it is set up on this site it appears you can vote as many times as you want to. We have less than 15% of the votes so there is no way we are going to catch up anyway, but from what we were looking at it appears that you can vote for any game as many times as you want. Maybe I am wrong.

  • Football Fan - 7 years ago

    So G, your complaint is that you tried to cheat by voting 300 times and the site wouldn't let you? Lol

  • G- - 7 years ago

    What a joke. 3 coworkers and I seriously sat here and voted for our team over 300 times and the count only went up by 15 votes. This is a joke. Why have the contest if it isn't going to track votes accurately? Just tell us what game you are going to and call it a week. What a waste of time............

  • B - 7 years ago

    Madison by 28

  • Cosmo - 7 years ago

    It's all about the Valley! Chippewa that is!

  • Tate - 7 years ago

    As Terry Foster would say, CV in the HOUSE!!! Go Big Reds!!!!

  • Victoria - 7 years ago

    CT FIRED UP!! ???????? #2ndtonone

  • Rhonda Armour - 7 years ago

    Cass brainer!

  • Makita Morris - 7 years ago

    CT ALL DAY!! Let's Go Technicians MAKE this happen!!!

  • Daddy - 7 years ago

    Smcc gon take dubs. Madison might as well forfeit now

  • i love pie - 7 years ago

    I like pie and I like Madison and I like that guy who plays on Madison.

  • MAT - 7 years ago

    Go CT

  • Doretha Evans - 7 years ago


  • Maximillian Thomad - 7 years ago

    I’m bleeding maroon and gold for this weeks game!!! LET’S GO RIVERVIEW!!!

  • Patrick Whittenburg - 7 years ago

    Let’s get this dub riverview, don’t let us alumni down!

  • Kathy C. - 7 years ago

    Once a Pirate, always a Pirate! GO BUCS!

  • Snai askew - 7 years ago

    Vote vote vote ! Goooooo cass tech

  • Monique Bryant - 7 years ago

    The Triangle Society thanks everyone for supporting the Cass Tech Football Team this season. #CTGRIDIRONLEGACY

  • Vito - 7 years ago

    Maroon and Gold, Proud and Bold!!!
    Go Bucs!!

  • Robert W Anderson - 7 years ago

    Go Green Machine

  • Jayman - 7 years ago

    Let's go Big Reds!!!!

  • Dianna - 7 years ago

    GO BUCS!!!!!!!

  • Jesse M. Davis, Jr. - 7 years ago


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