Do you want the Addicts site to continue?

  • Curious - 3 years ago

    I honestly would like to know from one of the 2% who said no, why not?

  • Louise - 3 years ago

    I always come to this site to find out what's happening, but if you need to stop then Thank you for the time.

  • Lynne - 3 years ago

    I agree with Peter. I do find the site helpful and I think it keeps Tiny Co accountable but you should only continue if it’s something you truly enjoy.

  • SCOTT NOEL - 3 years ago

    Having just found this game recently, this site has been very helpful!

  • Peter Ward - 3 years ago

    If you're having to ask the question it suggests that your appetite for doing it is decreasing. If your passion for doing it has diminished then it's not us you need to ask.

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