Is the Bucks' trade of Greg Monroe and a first-round pick for Eric Bledsoe a good move?

  • Rhemlo snepp - 3 years ago

    Good move by horst whid been so inactive i thought hed died Now they need a coach. And someone making draft picks other than kidds agent who has picked the last 3. But when you have clueless dysfunctional ownership thats what you get.

  • Tom - 3 years ago

    Not sure this will work out. Brogdon is steady and appears to have improved this season. Monroe is something of an anachronism, but he is a heady, team player who knows how to use his body. Bledsoe is good player, but does he warrant the experiment in team chemistry?

  • Dan - 3 years ago

    Phx wasn’t winning with Bledsoe & when they took him out they won 4 in a row. Bucks gave up too much to get him !!!

  • kimo snornrn - 3 years ago

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  • reality check - 3 years ago

    wow 78% think this is a good trade clueless. just what we need another guard. who's gonna play center Maker or Henson? why not get rid of Henson? $12 million bust

  • bucks fan - 3 years ago

    This is like when they traded Vin Baker for Terell Brandon for sam cassell. Wow. This is a guard league and the Bucks just got a really good one. Now they have three big time players. One of them is a top 5 player in the NBA, maybe the MVP.

  • Jose Luis Clerc - 3 years ago

    I agree that Monroe was underappreciated. And it does not take a rocket scientist to discern that his absence over the past few games has been a big contributing factor to the Bucks recent slide. He is often derided by posters for having archaic talents, but to me there is always a place for a guy who can score inside consistently and rebound well. Not to mention Moose was IMO a team leader and enforcer when needed. And, oh by the way, let’s throw in a first rounder. Bledsoe has talent, but seems to be a problem child. I was perfectly fine with Brogdon starting - a steady hand. And now you have 2 bigs left? Henson and Maker, who is not really a big? This trade may well end up doing more harm than good I’m afraid. Should have stayed the course.

  • Mka - 3 years ago

    While the team will definitely miss Monroe's presence, they had no intention of re-signing him next year. Bledsoe is an experienced and first class point guard that the Team was missing and needed so badly. Let's just hope that his stay in Milwaukee would not be limited to a two-year rental.

  • Fred - 3 years ago

    The Bucks never really appreciate what Monroe brings to the team. Look at the last few games when he has been out. They have no big body to counter other centers. Watch tonight against Lebron

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