Brown Chicken Brown Cow v. The Counter

Posted 1 year.


  • Morrissey - 1 year ago

    Meat may be murder, but the BCBC burger is a glorification of the cow in delicious food form - so I won't throw red paint on you if you go to eat there. BCBC it's like a light that never goes out.

  • Bill Walton - 1 year ago

    BCBC serves only humanely raised grass fed beef. I am also humanely raised and grass fed.

  • Lothar of the Hill People - 1 year ago

    I am Lotgar of the Hill People. Much I have seen and much I have done for I am Lothar of the Hill People and I come down from Hicks Rd for a BCBC burger.

  • Bill Walton - 1 year ago

    Don MacLean and I agree: A BCBC burger is more beautiful than Tyus Edney with a basketball in open space.

  • Bill Walton - 1 year ago

    If a BCBC burger were a basketball shot it would be Alcindor’s Sky Hook.

  • Bill Walton - 1 year ago

    The Wizard of Westwood knew a thing or two about brackets, the Final Four, and burgers. BCBC is the only burger worthy to be mentioned in same sentence as the words “University of California at Los Angeles Bruin”.

  • Lt. Col. Frank Slade - 1 year ago

    There’s only two things that get my nostrils flaring. Woman and BCBC burgers. Hoooahhh!

  • Swiss Miss - 1 year ago

    I like my BCBC burger with a slice of Swiss cheese on top.

  • The ghost of Jerry Garcia - 1 year ago

    Every now and then, I take a long, strange trip down to Campbell for a fatty Psychedelic Goat Cheese Burger at BCBC. I always ask for extra shrooms on mine. BCBC always satisfies my munchies!

  • A great quote: - 1 year ago

    "All I'm for is the liberty of the individual. And, of course, the tasty John Wayne burger at BCBC!"
    -John Wayne

  • Keyrock, the unfrozen caveman lawyer - 1 year ago

    Ladies and gentlemen of the Comments Board I'm just a caveman... Your world frightens and confuses me. When I see your tall buildings and flashing neon signs, sometimes I just want to get away as fast as I can, to my place in Campbell. I'm more at home hunting the woolly mammoth than I am hunting a good interior decorator. And when I see a solar eclipse, like the one In Bend, OR last month, I think 'Oh no, is the moon eating the sun?', because I'm a caveman... but there is one thing I do know. BCBC has the best burgers on the planet.

  • Harpo Marx - 1 year ago

  • Martha S - 1 year ago

    I’d go to prison for one of those tasty, succulent burgers from Brown Chicken Brown Cow...again.

  • Vincent V - 1 year ago

    What would I do for a BCBC burger? I’d give up my other one.

  • Arnold - 1 year ago

    BCBC burgers are so good ... I'll be back.

  • China Klay - 1 year ago

    BCBC sounds good, I'll take 3.

  • TS - 1 year ago

    One time, I like totally kick Chris out of my squad, but then I remembered BCBC burgers, so I wrote "You're still innocent" and went to get a delicious burger.

  • Mia Hamm - 1 year ago

    My last name may be Hamm, but I just love the BCBC burgers, and so does Nomar

  • The Rock - 1 year ago

    Hey Jabroni, The Rock Gets More BCBC in a Week Than You Get in a Lifetime

  • The Rock - 1 year ago

    Hey Jabroni, The Rock Gets More BCBC in a Week Than You Get in a Lifetime

  • Fitty - 1 year ago

    You can find me eatin clubs, with bottles full of bubs, but when I get what momma needs, it's BCBC that I love. Go shorty. It's ya birthday.

  • Lauren O - 1 year ago

    Oh boy how exciting! I was hoping that BCBC would make it to the next round and knew that they wanted it more but then I saw the round of 4 finalists and oh boy all these celebrities rooting for chickencow how can you go wrong. I voted for the best team bcbc and hope that they win this time to because it would be so nice for that nice boy who owns the place to win a prize for his family so i am rooting for chickencow!!!! Yay

  • Tera Patrick - 1 year ago

    Hi Fellas, I noticed this board was all dudes so I decided to chime in. I love my meat juicy and BCBC has the juiciest meat around. Yum! Go BCBC. Get back on top!!!

  • Nice Move - 1 year ago

    I had no idea that Val’s fans enjoyed The Counter so much that they’d vote for them.

  • Calvin Murphy - 1 year ago

    @Shawn Kemp - thanks for the tip!

  • Can' vote - 1 year ago

    tried to vote and it does not appear to be counting.

  • Al Davis - 1 year ago

    You get the best meat. You get the best condiments. The best bread. And there's just one more thing to do. Just eat baby!

  • Bill Walton - 1 year ago

    Rest assured Coach Wooden and Sam Gilbert knew the meaning of brown chicken brown cow. And would have loved its tasty burgers!

  • Jim Mora - 1 year ago

    What’s that? Ah — Burgers? Don’t talk about — burgers? You kidding me? Burgers? I just hope I can eat some pork n cherries sliders! And another beer.

  • Kevin Durant - 1 year ago

    Tweetin’ about BCBC burgers now!

  • Allen Iverson - 1 year ago

    We talkin about burgers!

  • Bill Walton - 1 year ago

    Every bite of a BCBC burger is like an 8 clap in my mouth.

  • The Rock - 1 year ago

    Hey Nature Boy- for inviting me to the poll.
    Do you smelllllllllllllllll what the BCBC is cooking?

  • Shawn Kemp - 1 year ago

    When I take out my kids, I go to BCBC for the great meal and even better value. Thanks BCBC!

  • JaVale McGee - 1 year ago

    Go away Shaq, I may miss some dunks and defensive assignments, but I never miss a chance to chow down on some BCBC

  • Ron Artest - 1 year ago

    I'm changing my name to metta chicken meta cow

  • Shaq - 1 year ago

    Quit shaqtin’ the fool. Get down to BCBC today

  • Rasheed Wallace - 1 year ago

    I had a white spot in my hair but I went to BCBC and it's all good

  • Bill Walton - 1 year ago

    John Wooden demanded excellence. BCBC delivers excellence.

  • Chris Webber - 1 year ago

    When I'm desperate for a timeout, I stop by BCBC for a tasty burger. On the house, of course. Hi Glen!

  • Jimmer - 1 year ago

    @Starbury, you're lucky the refs and teammates separated us last night. Danny Ainge taught me how to fight!

  • Stephon Marbury - 1 year ago

    Send Starbury some of those BCBC burgers over here in China.

  • Ed O'Bannon - 1 year ago

    You have to pay me to eat all these burgers now!

  • Bobby Hurley - 1 year ago

    You were so close, Stacey Augmon, so close...

  • LiAngelo Ball - 1 year ago

    I'd pay for a BCBC burger

  • Stacie Augmon - 1 year ago

    Me too, and Andrew Gaze is a chump

  • Andrew Gaze - 1 year ago

    I eat BCBC when I visit from Australia, and I will get you Glenn Rice

  • Mr. T - 1 year ago

    I pity the fool who doesn't enjoy a delicious burger from BCBC. Hannibal doesn't agree with me on many things but on BCBC it's unanimous.

  • Glen Rice - 1 year ago

    @Naitch, my shoes cost more than your house!
    @Bill Walton, I have more career NCAA tournament points than you!

  • Nature_boy - 1 year ago


    You are right. I was refereeing to the votes not the burgers. I love the BCBC burgers in my mouth all day. To be that man, you've got to beat the BCBC. Woooo!"

  • Bill Walton - 1 year ago

    Naitch, your sentence structure suggests you can’t hold a BCBC burger down.....think you meant you CAN KEEP YOURSELF FROM PUTTING THEM IN YOUR MOUTH. WOOOOOOOO

  • Nature_Boy - 1 year ago

    You’re talking to the Rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing, kiss stealing, whoa! wheelin dealin’, limosuine riding, jet flying son of a gun and I’m having a hard time holding these BCBC burgers down! Woooooo!

  • Bill Walton - 1 year ago

    John Wooden was an intergalactic superstar of a coach, man, and human being. BCBC is superior to each and every burger joint in our solar system, galaxy, and even the universe!

  • Glen Rice - 1 year ago

    Can't miss with the BCBC angry goat cheese burger.

  • Macho Man - 1 year ago

    Step into a Slim Jim

  • Bill Walton - 1 year ago

    Heaven is UCLA basketball at Pauley Pavilion, Jerry picking and grinning, myself, Alcindor, and a BCBC burger.

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