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Will you still vote for Roy Moore?

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  • pappy - 2 years ago

    Moore has consistently ignored the law and the constitution when they conflicted with his personal beliefs. He has no business being a judge or Senator and will not win the election in a month. The allegations from multiple women are additional reasons the man is a hypocrite and liar.

  • Mary Beth Longo - 2 years ago

    Okay, you "Never Trumpers" think you know what is best for our country. So, in addition to never challenging ( as in a formal debate, with rules about logic and evidence sufficient to constitute a valid argument) the Left's arbitrary use of weaponized words, e.g "racist", "white supremacist", "hater", "islamophobe", "misogynist", "white nationalist", "systemic racism", "white privilege", etc. against many Conservative persons, positions and politics they don't like; YOU want to capitulate to their current favorite weapon, the charge of sexual predator however unfounded, on those Conservatives they really, really need to defeat, like they did to Trump (the fictional dossier description of Trump as depraved-sex- loving, predator) and Judge Roy Moore. These weaponized words go unchallenged by supposedly red blooded, intelligent men, apparently because the Left is so feared, as in "I'd rather DIE than be called a...RACIST". Which is why we love rude, crude Trump - he is not afraid to defend himself and fight when his honor has been assaulted . Judge Roy Moore seems like that type of man as well.

  • Tree - 2 years ago

    Only those who ignore, excuse, or enjoy the horrific trauma of rape and molestation will vote for Moore. God spoke very clearly that abusing youth is certain damnation, and Roy wears his millstone like an Olympic medal in front of his new-found pedo supporters.

  • Michael Patrick - 2 years ago

    Roy Moore is living proof there is no God for if there was good ole boy Roy wouldn't be here.

  • Jimmy Sanders - 2 years ago

    YES I'm still voting for the honorable Roy Moore! He's the VICTIM of a smear campaign by the commie left and their media cronies! It's just pathetic how they are trying to bring down a man of real principal while they let all the damn gays, muslims, mexicans and orientals ruin our country. And anyways so what? That was 40 freakin years ago. The victims didn't care then so why should we??? Hell if that happened TODAY I'll still vote for him. God Bless him and his family

  • William T. Flowers - 2 years ago

    This is not a fair poll. A lot of hard-core Moore supporters are excluded because they cannot read.

  • Mary Ann - 2 years ago

    I'll still vote for Roy Moore. This is nothing but dirty Democrats.

  • Nteene Smith - 2 years ago

    Dirty Democrat politics! Don't care what Roy Moore allegedly did 40 yrs ago I'm still voting for him. Doug Jones is a baby shredder & killer

  • Alexandra Datig - 2 years ago

    When the media uses sexual assault survivors to gain political advantage, it damages the victim, especially if this is a revenge tactic for the victim orchestrated by lawyers and campaign managers and not the victim. It is not to the advantage of any victim of sexual assault to get in the middle of a political outcome only weeks before a major election. The media is wrong on this and they know these kind of allegations immobilize a campaign. While politically an alleged real victim's experience is being used to gain political advantage. No one is interested in helping the victim. They just want to get the big fish. That is the true tragedy in all this.

  • james schwantes - 2 years ago


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