Should all supermarkets install coin locks on their trolleys?

Posted 1 year.

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  • Rob McLachlan - 1 year ago

    I agree with Councillor Aubin with requiring the retailers providing shopping trolleys having to fit coin locks. This was done a couple or so years ago with some (all?) of the shopping centres in Canberra, with the result of far fewer lost trolleys littering the pavements and parks.

    I made myself a few dollars one Saturday when they were first introduced by Woolies in my local shopping centre by collecting the trolleys left in the carpark and returning them to the "depot" and pocketing the coin refund. But, alas, now even wealthy Canberrans have caught on to it being a refundable deposit and not a non-refundable rental. It took a week or so. I expect savvy Bathurstians will be on to it right away.

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