Drama Bracket: Road to Avonlea (4) vs. E.N.G. (13) (Poll Closed)

  • Road to Avonlea

  • E.N.G.

Posted 2 years.


  • Adrian Frey - 2 years ago

    E.N.G. is the only show of the 64 that I have ZERO remembrance of.

    I don't even recognize any of the actors from other programs.

  • J - 2 years ago

    I can't really remember Road to Avonlea plot-wise because I was so young but I remember it being kind of like little house on the prairie/anne of green gables.

  • Matt - 2 years ago

    I remember visiting PEI some years ago & being surprised ho2 close Avonlea was to the ocean. Do you remember there being an ocean in the show? A beach? I dunno. But I have no idea what ENG was.

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