Is Liam To Blame For Steffy Cheating With Bill?

  • Tawnya - 4 years ago

    I feel that Liam is a sweetheart, he has a heart so huge it's beautiful, he was only doing what he knee was the right thing to do, after all if Dollar Bill didn't succeed at destroying Sally in 2 episodes, he burned her building down them bull dozed it. Liam was giving Sally back what belongs to her. Steffy has been confiding with Bill since Liams been helping Sally get back what belongs to her. So if steffy ends up in bed with Bill then she wanted that all along. And if she does, I say, Liam that kiss you and Sally shared in a dieing moment, go for Sally, say the he'll with steffy. Because what she is gonna do, and what Liam did out of a dieing moment, is something they could worked out, but what steffy and Bill is gonna do, that I would divorce over. Because that's just out of spite. Liam was went overboard with helping Sally, knowing his wife and Sally were enemies. Steffy is his wife, but he did what he thought is right. After all, Bill pushed his son in sallys arms, what did he think Liam would do once he heard bills plan of destruction of sallys place. And Bill not only did that, he lied about his niece caroline, dieing of cancer, to keep Sally from steffys brother. and once again out of better judgement, steffy backed up bills plan. So how many times does Bill gets to mess up, and steffy thinks it's ok? What? Liam, the hell with steffy, find Sally and start a future. If steffy gets pregnant, wonder who her baby daddy gonna be? Liam or Bill. How sick, but hey can't get no sicker than Wyatt and Katie. Wyatt sleeping with his former ex-stepmom. Wow!!! I love soaps!!! Lol

  • Jennifer - 4 years ago

    People always forget how scandalous queen Steffy can be!!!!!!!!!
    She married Liams brother for CHrissakes! She says how horrible Sally is but Sally didn't kill her mentally ill cousin. Steffy did. She lies and keeps secrets when it's convenient for her to do so. She's spoiled and throws temper tantrums if she doesn't like something. She completely blindsided Wyatt and then was like "deal with it" the second Loam came back. Idk. Steff's character bothers me because she conveniently forgets the times she's been human or made poor decisions meanwhile judging everyone else. She didn't budge from Bills side for one minute when he fisted Liam in the face. She will use this as her excuse to be with Bill. A kiss does not equal what she's gonna do. Liam is a great man and Steffy is a fool. I actually like Sally.....there's an innocence to her although she's pretty scrappy. I hope she finds her "happy" at some point on the show.

  • Angela Franklin - 4 years ago

    She has already been with 2 brothers and now the dad. Give me a break.

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