Who’s your pick to win the 2018 Bellator heavyweight grand prix?

  • mma fan - 3 years ago

    1000% sure Bader wins the tournament and becomes a two division bellator world champ.... why? let's look at the other fighters in the tournament: 1.) fedor: glass chin, flat footed, diminishing skills... it's like he forgot the basics when it comes to the stand-up aspect of striking, and lacks the stamina to go pass 2 rounds... which is actually enough in this tournament, unless he gets ko. 2.) Quintin: terrible stamina & out of shape, hesistant to pull the trigger these days, no longer has the one-punch ko that he relies on, limited skills he brings... all he uses these days are his hands... hardly mix in elbows, leg kicks and lacks grappling. 3.) Lawal: I think he'll do pretty good against the others in this tournament, except against bader. 4.) frank mir: out of shape, hasn't fought in several years and when he did fight he was losing, glass chin.... he bleeds easily, the best frank mir will be is during the first 3 minutes of the fight. Matt Mitrione: i think he'll do pretty good against the others in the tournament just like Lawal. However, in almost every fight he gets clipped and dropped, but he's physically in better condition than most people in the tournament. Roy Nelson: although he's known for his KO power, he's only KO'ed 1 person in his last 7 fights and that was against glass chin Bigfoot silva.... but i think he can KO many people in this tournament, he can go 3 rounds and still have power in his hands so that's a plus, he's hard to takedown and keep him down. He's the only real threat to Ryan Bader in this tournament imo. Bader might be afraid of his KO power and decide to do a sloppy takedown like he did to Anthony Johnson and end up getting ground and pounded by Nelson. Chael Sonnen: weak chin, him and lawal are small in this tournament, suck at boxing, he can muscle and outwrestle quintin, fedor, and lawal. He can't control and wrestle bader, mir, nelson, or matt. That's not to say he can't land a takedown on them, but to get the takedown and control them on the ground would be hard. Bader is a terrible matchup for chael.

  • Spencer Fisher - 3 years ago

    The American Gangster wins! He's already decided it.

  • Quinton Jackson - 3 years ago

    i'm gonna beat all them old guys up

  • Alex Anderson - 3 years ago

    Honestly this tournament is made up of big names that are either washed up or are not as good as they use to be. Another thing is that we have two light-heavyweights in this tournament and a middleweight in this tournament. If we are being honest the best guys to win this tournament would be Matt Mitrione, King Mo, and maybe Roy Nelson. Honestly, if we are to consider this tournament they should take out at least Chael and Fedor and put Bobby Lashley and Justin Wren into this. More because they are both undefeated in Bellator and shown they are just getting better as time is going on.

  • Mike DeHate - 3 years ago

    Depends which Frank Mir shows up.

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