Who do you believe, Judge Roy Moore or his accusers?

  • Mary Lyles - 4 years ago

    People don't come out for years and years for a whole multitude of reasons. They are ashamed, they feel they won't be believed, they wanted to keep their jobs and Moore was in a position of power making it especially daunting to speak out.
    When a man is banned from a local mall because he is creeping out the girls, that's extremely questionable behavior. That's quite the smoking gun and it does say a LOT about the man and his behavior. Besides that, one girl, maybe but, 9 ?? Come on ... I know people out there love conspiracy theories but, really?
    On her deathbed my mother told me and only me, that she was assaulted. She never told anyone because she was ashamed so, I can see women waiting 40+ years to come out and tell what happened.
    His history is not spotless. This has nothing to do with politics. It's about men in power taking advantage of women. In this case worse... most of them were very young GIRLS.

  • frank - 4 years ago

    It appears that the voting public believes, overwhelmingly, that the Judge is innocent until proven guilty.

    However, what is going on now, with all the news media against him, all the republicans and democrats against him, it appears the "swamp people" are reclaiming their political corruption. It was interrupted by the election of the non-politician, Trump and this is their push to get it back.

    Turning the senate seat blue has consequences. Those being, the democrats will take back both houses and succeed in making Trump a one term president. They are readting the fiels for michelle obama and the NWO.

  • Ronald Panzica - 4 years ago

    How do you believe people who come out 30+ years after the alleged incident. There is no proof, no police reports, there is nothing that proves these women were assaulted. Why wait till after he wins the primary, why not go public over the last 3 decades when he was a judge? Timing is suspicious. I don’t know if this man did or didn’t do what he is being accused of, but without evidence, this is the cry wolf moment. Are we to allow people to accuse others of wrong doing with out substantial facts to support the claims, and what about the time that lapsed. Your can ruin people’s lives forever with false claim, and that’s what this is shaping up to be, and it looks like this was a tool used by the establishment once again to demoralize a political candidate. This same concept was used against our president, and did anything come of his allegations against him, NO.

  • Michael Causey - 4 years ago

    It’s not the responsibility of JRM to prove his innocence but up to his accusers to prove his guilt! What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Let us not forget that we live in America!

  • Rosemary Segroves - 4 years ago

    Strange,that the would just happen to come out now...

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