For previous HIStalkapalooza attendees: what is the #1 reason you attended? (Poll Closed)

  • The band and dancing
    27 votes

  • Free food and drinks
    12 votes

  • Being able to attend as a vendor employee not invited to other parties
    19 votes

  • The red carpet
    1 vote

  • The hosts, stage show, and HISsies
    62 votes

  • The venue
    3 votes



  • Clustered - 2 years ago

    I always considered it a networking event - but instead of being stuffy and guarded, the people were happily unguarded and usually at their very best. Thanks for the memories, Tim!

  • Ronny - 2 years ago

    Agree with agnostic and spirited event comments above.
    What would be the cost for attendees to pay to attend?
    It is the most prestigious (limited head count) and looked forward to event.
    Thank you!

  • MineoPie - 2 years ago

    I have only attended 1x although it has been the highlight of my cumulative HIMSS conferences. It was nice to see leaders of our industry let their freak flag fly which seemed to match the general tone of the attendees. HIStalk has always been informative & professional while inserting the appropriate amount of humor and droll investigatory reporting - which I appreciate. Keep up the great work!

  • Bonny Roberts - 2 years ago

    Seeing as "Attending multidimensional, 'no expectations on me except to have fun and meet people in HIT' under the auspice of work" was not an option, I am writing a comment:

    HIStalkapalooza is like going to a non-denominational church, albeit once a year, not because you feel religious but because you feel like you are:
    1. Spiritually committed to this industry and
    2. Part of a community that resonates enough with you that you connect with it at least twice a week

    I would pay for the food and drinks by the way - though I'd prefer to do it ahead of time in an all-inclusive manner so as not to carry around a wallet. Maybe charging would curb the no-show rate too ...

    Hi Tim. Hope you are doing well. If you do not host HIStalkapalooza this year lets plan to meet up at some point so I can tell you about my new gig and what is was like being unemployed and you can share with me the new venture you and Elon Musk must have in the works.

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