Daily Poll: Will you give money instead of cans to the food bank this year?
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  • J - 4 years ago

    I normally contribute 10 - 12 times a year to food banks,on top of my volunteer hours. But after this SHAMING editorial , I will no longer donate canned goods, nor my time. Apparently neither are GOOD ENOUGH for milquetoast Tristin

    SHAME on Tristin for SHAMING those who donate canned goods.

    this whole "the food banks can stretch a $1 into $5" is BULLSHIT. Having VOLUNTEERED FOR FREE (not on salary like the food bank executives and their $500,000 salary) , and having been PERSONALLY involved in wholesale purchasing...........its all BULLSHIT. The food banks may get the odd deal here and there....but they are NOT turning $1 into $5. The MAJORITY of $$$$ donations do nothing but PAY HIGH WAGES at the executive level.

    The REAL DONATIONS are from big companies.....big FOOD companies...who donate TRUCK LOADS of DRY and (GASP) CANNED goods.

    the very canned goods Tristin shames the commoners from donating.

    Signed...a disgusted "Can"adian.

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