Miscellaneous Bracket: Wayne and Shuster (2) vs. Reach For The Top (7) (Poll Closed)

  • Wayne and Shuster

  • Reach For The Top

Posted 2 years.


  • Squilax McGreevy - 2 years ago

    What are these I don’t even... is this an Ontario thing?

  • Shannon Whissell - 2 years ago

    Tough call - Wayne and Shuster was the laugh track of my childhood. My parents had their album(s?) - and my parents were NOT comedy album people.

    But Reach for the Top was going to be my way out. My Carnegie Hall. My Madison Square Gardens.

    Dare to dream, Canadian nerd. DARE TO DREAM.

  • Andy Haarsma - 2 years ago

    Wayne and shyster were iconic. Reach for the top not..

  • Ivriniel - 2 years ago

    I told him, Julie don’t go to the Forum!

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