Should UCLA suspend the three players caught shoplifting in China for ...

  • Fred Garvin - 4 years ago

    Does LiAngelo Ball still lead the PAC-12 in steals?

  • zach - 4 years ago

    You embarrassed the Country. You were a guest over seas in a 5 star hotel and then proceeded to steal. Take the year off and think about what you did.

  • Daniel Port - 4 years ago

    These players are adults, not children. They knowingly STOLE. Does not matter where and when. Expulsion is the correct call.

  • Steve - 4 years ago

    They should be expelled. UCLA doesn’t need thieves on their team or related to their school. Send them packing!!!

  • George the third - 4 years ago

    People in glass houses shouldn't steal sunglasses!!! They should be gone for a year. NO QUESTION

  • Dion - 4 years ago

    I would do 1/3 of season if playing 51 games suspended for 17

  • Robert Borowick - 4 years ago

    People have short-term attention spans. It will blow over

  • Londoncalling04 - 4 years ago

    Actions have consequences. - suspend and expel from school. Less suspension just shows it's OK to commit crime.

  • Rex W Post - 4 years ago

    One season is a gift. Having worked in China fora brief stint, I saw a man get beat up and taken away from a Globetrotter basketball game for throwing ice on the court. I asked our promoter what the charges were and how long in jail..............civil disobedience and probably 2 -5 years. They are LUCKY. Trump has now opened the door for every college athlete to call the WHITE HOUSE for their pardon. REFERENCE SHERIFF JOE in AZ

  • Ryan - 4 years ago

    Suspension should be 10 games. All of the non conf games plus 5 conf games.

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