Drama Bracket: The Littlest Hobo (1) vs. Anne of Green Gables (5) (Poll Closed)

  • The Littlest Hobo

  • Anne of Green Gables

Posted 2 years.


  • Anita Thompson - 2 years ago

    TV Anne may not have matched up to Anne of our imaginations. The Littlest Hobo didn't have a book for us to compare to.

  • David Caldarelli - 2 years ago

    As much as Anne is an indispensable piece of Canadian Culture, nothing could help calm the tween soul after a rough day at school, before parents got home, like the mothers-love - like warmth of that dog.

  • Maeve - 2 years ago

    This was a cruel choice. I used to sing the Littlest Hobo theme song for my party trick. But Anne...

  • Allison Perkins - 2 years ago

    They are both terrible. I can't vote. How was Road to Avonlea defeated by this crap???

  • Shannon - 2 years ago

    How on earth did The Littlest Hobo, which is literally the most boring thing not on CSpan - get to this round?

  • Ninja Stan - 2 years ago

    Hobo wins with its theme song ALONE.

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