Who Is The Sexiest Man Of 2017?


  • Aubree - 5 years ago

    Safaree is fine,funny,hardworking and a gentleman.What more could ask for?!His personality alone should have him win sexiest man.It's your time Safaree!For all your losses here comes your wins.Blessings for your good heart.

  • Kmillz - 5 years ago

    Now y’all know micheal was the sexiest ???? but I fw safaree too now ????

  • Princess - 5 years ago

    Am here for safaree

  • Maedii - 5 years ago

    Yassssss Safaree for the win, he is hella sexy!!!????????????????????????????????????❤❤❤

  • Ingrid - 5 years ago

    I VOted for safari @lady_suarez16

  • Lala - 5 years ago

    Okay. Safaree winning. He has a wonderful personality.

  • Shekila Green - 5 years ago

    Safareee yess baby!!! Give this man credit not only is his outside beautiful but inside is most beautiful!!!

  • Katrevia Sears - 5 years ago

    Safaree is the sexiest ❤️

  • Katrevia Sears - 5 years ago

    Safaree is the sexiest man ????❤️????????????

  • Ameerah - 5 years ago

    I'm only here for Safarre, love all the way from middle east

  • Andre Gonzalez - 5 years ago

    Safaree, I'm seriously thinking about asking you to be my life partner!! I know you might not be ready to live with just me yet but I love you Soo much & know that we have amazing chemistry. I know I might lose you by opening my mouth but that's a risk I have to take!

  • Andre (safaree's downlow) - 5 years ago

    Safaree, aka TayTay!!!! I love u with all my heart. Ever since the first time we fooled around, I knew there was something special about you! I pray for the day that you don't keep me a secret because I love u sooo much TayTay!!!

  • Dineo - 5 years ago

    Yesssss safaree, I love him, he's awesome n he's winning. U go safaree

  • Jasmin - 5 years ago

    Safaree I voted for you the sexiest and most funniest man alive ..you are amazing and so is your music hope you win if I can vote a thousand times I would for u to win to safareeeee❤❤❤❤

  • Spadilla_04 - 5 years ago

    You go Safari I am rooting for you you are so funny and I love watching you on TV and yes you are sexy! I hope you win

  • Ilisha Lucas - 5 years ago

    Safaree! I just want him to win at everything! I don’t have favorites BUT HE’S Definitely THE ONE! I wished him nothing but blessings from the beginning; and to see him shine makes my heart smile.... I wish to meet him some day. Real cool dude! #when life throws you lemons and h*** throw shade; make lemonade; put on your best fur any make that bag in a rave! Paradise

  • Brundesia - 5 years ago

    Yessss finally seeing SAFAREE getting his Blessings

  • Lateena - 5 years ago

    Got u safaree

  • Stefanie Dawson/Steeezie ..Rastafarian???????????? - 5 years ago


  • Susan - 5 years ago

    Safaree got my vote been watching him he is d sexiest man there.. You got my vote sexinesss

  • LoveJD - 5 years ago

    Where is Morris Chestnut name!! And why is Idris name on there twice??

  • Kemesha - 5 years ago

    #Safaree is the sexiest????

  • Nisha - 5 years ago

    Michael b jordan safareee n dave east fashow hard choices they all sexy though ????????????????????????❗

  • Yasmin - 5 years ago

    Safaree ????STRAAAIIITTT

  • Lizumrah - 5 years ago

    Safaree sugar honey ????

  • redbone_ebbs - 5 years ago

    Safaree.... Bodied with a sexy smile ????????

  • Kiba.jovial - 5 years ago

    Safaree STRAAIGHT

  • Shonda Puliam - 5 years ago

    I picked Dave East BUT next time please add #AndraFuller to the list https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.c1AqYHqFvtRp37pqVSdC2wDREq&w=198&h=282&c=7&qlt=90&o=4&pid=1.7 and this is why

  • Kuntrygirl_337 - 5 years ago

    Safaree....sexy ass and pretty teeth

  • MzuMzunbreakable - 5 years ago

    Safaree is the sexy man of the year with his sexy self

  • Mary Jane Hernandez - 5 years ago

    #Safaree is the Sexiest

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