Is Bill Better For Steffy Than Liam - Team Bill or Team Liam?

  • daniellen27 - 3 years ago

    Steffy is no fool. One roll in the hay with Bitcoin Bully was enough to send her running back to hubby knowing what/who she stands to loose! Liam might be naively idealistic but, his dad is no better than his paternal grandfather if not worse. People are attracted to power. That's what got to Steffy who's no slouch in management. She, unlike overlooked Thomas, never designed anything. She's Co CEO and no stranger to scheeming. After all, she did outmaneuver Bill for some share of Forrester in the past. They are more alike than she would like to believe. Movers and shakers do create jobs. However, steamrolling over too many people, ultimately, it can get you swallowed by a Bigger Shark. Karma!

  • Joan - 3 years ago

    You must have a Mommy complex to be such DONALD.

  • L.Hodges - 3 years ago

    Liam Is most definitely a better man!
    Bill is just a nasty, rotten father out for revenge.

  • Cathy - 3 years ago

    Bill is a nasty two faced you no what. He needs to go to j jail for all he has some and they keep letting him do it. It's time to make big n nasty bill Spencer pay for his comes let attend have a feeling like Spencer his shot should be plastered all over the magazine no r

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