Do You Like Victoria Becoming Heartless & Cruel?
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  • daniellen27 - 4 years ago

    Vicky desperately tried everything she could to recapture what she lost with Billy when she chose to protect her family rather than put him in the loop. Victor never was a fan of Billy. So, that slap Billy got was not so much because of the "poisoning" of the face cream. Rather, She felt slapped in the face when a barely surviving Billy bypassed her to embrace Phyllis. She had jumped through hoops for him as an employer and a friend. But, he always had her back as an employee and a friend. Cane, for all his misdeeds had done more for Brash and Sassy than Billy and Victoria together. Juliet did get burned and lilly,who had to drop everything to help save the dying company was casually tossed aside and became a number. Not to mention Neil who, without consulting Devon, gave her that life saving loan. She IS still recovering from the poisoned mask but, she's reeling deeply from a confirmed loveless life. So, yes, her heart is in the Deep Freeze.

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