Best of CBB, 2017

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  • Ming - 5 years ago

    Am I late? Do not make a fool out of me.

  • DK - 5 years ago

    Bob Ducca in MORZOUKSNICK INTERRUPTION was my CBB highlight of the year.

  • Benny - 5 years ago

    Carl Tart was my MVP of 2017

  • Megan - 5 years ago

    Bob Ducca, PFT and Jessica McKenna/Zach Reino! More please!

  • Justin - 5 years ago

    Ep #490 Feat. Pants The Rapper. Chicka Chan Chan.

  • Rusty Shackleford - 5 years ago


    I know Carl Tart had been on CBB before but his appearances in 2017 came in Like. A. LION. One of the things that made the first appearance from Chief so funny was that, unlike other CBB performances of established characters/personalities, Scott couldn't anticipate the different layers Carl was about to peel back. Coupled with strong performances from Bone Queef and Dr. Green and MWAH! Some real good 'tent.

    Hoping the Chief comes back soon..

  • Reamonn Tiu - 5 years ago

    They should do best moments/segments instead of whole episodes. I feel like Brendon Small and Horatio Sanz always get snubbed in the best ofs. And I also really enjoyed the first part of the Nathan Fielder episode.

  • meltersq - 5 years ago

    Children Lost Insane Trying Times Standby

  • Conor - 5 years ago

    Funniest moment of the year was EP. 207 (@1:07:30) Gary Urbansky making Paul F. DIE CRYING WITH LAUGHTER making the sound of the woman stomping grapes... I can't stop listening...

  • Scott X. Watkins - 5 years ago

    Ya gotta laugh!

  • Nancy - 5 years ago

    We need to be talking about #471 Shy By Nature, Outgoing By Nurture! John Early and Kate Berlant as Tricia R. and Tricia L. were the STARS OF 2017.

  • Stephanie - 5 years ago

    Solo Bolo Ben's amazing freestyle rap!!!!

  • Curtis Kimberlin - 5 years ago

    Nathan Fielder with Betsy Sadaro as a C.H.U.D, Lauren Lapkus describing the giant lady she ran her car into, Andy Daly revealing how he murdered all of those astronauts, Frosty the Snowman hoping for a Snowman version of WestWorld, The Whites Only Cleaners in Chicago, the entire Brett Gelman episode, Nick Kroll as Goldblum as the Fly ("Buzz Buzz"), John Hodgegame's story of the pea pod boat, Patton Oswalt and Drew Tarver's Travel Agent-Si!; this year was too good!

  • Rocaz Strife - 5 years ago

    SALMON TERIYAKI!!!!!!!!!!

  • August Ludgate - 5 years ago

    WHERE IS THE LOVE FOR 499?! Ming (a.k.a. Jeremy Rowley)?! Two personas from the Victor-and-Tiny-verse (a.l.a. Brendon Walsh)?! Flula Borg (apparently not an act)?! I’ve listened it it at least a dozen times.

  • Jordenn - 5 years ago

    I'm surprised I don't see anyone talking about Kate Berlant and John Early's appearance as the Tricia's. Shy by Nature, Outgoing by Nurture, was one of the best of the year! They are the greatest together.

  • Srl - 5 years ago

    Ok this year has been great, but the I hope people don’t forget about the Christmas ep from 2016. I actually think that’s the best ep of this show ever, except for maybe farts and procreation. So many funny people doing such good work for 3+ hours. C+ content.

  • Robby - 5 years ago

    I really hope Carl Tart’s Chief gets in. I cried laughing when I heard it the first time

  • Colin - 5 years ago

    God I love Bob Ducca. And Chief and Bone Queef (that's bone like the thing in Pebbles Flintstone's hair and queef like a pussy fart) are sensational.

  • Chrispy - 5 years ago

    Am I “A babaduke?” What the f..?? Are you a Loch Ness monster?!” -PFT(Mayor Junius Bobbledoonery)

  • Ryan S - 5 years ago

    This was one of the hardest polls to vote for. There were some brilliant, drop dead hysterical episodes. But when push comes to shove, Seth Morris stole it from everyone. The triumphant return of Bob Ducca was nothing short of brilliant. Having Zouks and Nick Kroll on the episode.. a trifecta of hilarity.

  • Derek - 5 years ago

    Ryan Gaul as Dr. Martinia FTW!!!

  • Ellie Elizabeth - 5 years ago

    who CBBeefed is the only episode I’ve listened to beginning to end 4 separate times. It will live in my heart forever and if it doesn’t make the top 10 I’ll stick a clob full of carbs in my mouth

  • Emily - 5 years ago

    Bob Ducca!

  • Jess - 5 years ago

    Gabrus in the FBI/catholic church had me literally doubled over laughing!! Also Mcgonigles ghost tours was amazing as well

  • ben travers - 5 years ago

    dream method, babyyyy. not an obvious one. worth a shout out

  • unlvtogs - 5 years ago

    Tight Tort (Alan Buchanan's glorious debut) needs some love, please! Also episode 495, while a very funny episode, contains my plugs theme. So I'm being a bit selfish there.

  • Brent Stewart - 5 years ago

    Man, this is tough, because the year finished out SO STRONG. The last three eps were some of the funniest ever, hope they don't get overlooked!

  • P N - 5 years ago

    Awww man, I forgot to vote for Gilly!

  • phil - 5 years ago

    can we get a compliation if NEW NONO's

  • Chase Roper - 5 years ago

    I almost peed myself laughing at every one of these episodes. Also i think i have a bladder infection.

  • Ilya - 5 years ago

    Urbansky, Gino, PFT, Jason. The four horses of the apocalypse I want to be a part of.

  • Rylee Silva - 5 years ago

    If Don Donaldson and Dong Pak do not make it from Silly Con Valley Poo Crew 3 I will cry myself to sleep each night of 2018.

  • Eric Jacobsen - 5 years ago

    Favorite moments of the year
    - Carl Tart as both Chief and MC Sugarbutt
    - Drew Tarver's "Nasty" daddy
    - Regina Crimp describing the big pussy on the beach
    - Scott cracking up at Morpheus saying Salmon Teriyaki
    - Gino's bait boy story
    - Ghost boy's mom saying twatty

  • Eric Jacobsen - 5 years ago

    I hope the Bergentrack band episode makes it into the top 10. I have not listened to a single podcast ep that many times since the commentary episode of UTU2TM

  • CBB Bump - 5 years ago

    It was a long time ago but the holiday episode this year was legendary: some of the best Gino, Urbansky tales from Chicago, Hamer Nissan Naughty or Nice Sentra Giveaway, etc.!

  • Maddie - 5 years ago

    This is a tough vote. Such a good year

  • SenorScience - 5 years ago

    If the Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ Elevator Pitch episode doesn't make it into the Top 10 then we are truly the worst humans.

    Good ep.

  • Svent Koloulbum - 5 years ago

    Till we know what's in her e-mails this seems pointless.

    suicide house

  • Sandy Shorts - 5 years ago

    477 with American Football was reallu funny. Scott and John Lennon RUNNIN it. Scott great year!

  • Bleh - 5 years ago


  • Kelly - 5 years ago

    Bob Ducca kills me! Jason and Paul are the best. But Chief and Bone Queef are hilarious too! Hard to narrow it down.

  • Sawyer - 5 years ago

    This poll is a sham. It's not possible to vote for every Jessica McKenna, Lauren Lapkus, and Paul F. episodes.

    I'm tempted to vote strategically and exclude the "Big Three" I'm sure will make the list just to include more of my favorites.

  • JJ - 5 years ago

    Calvins Twins - Tiny and Victor - Andy Daly - Ryan Gaul - Gino - Lauren and Paul F.

    Thanks for another amazing year of free 'tent!

  • Grepp Frugs - 5 years ago

    Andy daly, lauren lapkus, paul f tompkins, jon gabrus, mike hanford, brendon small, mary holland, jeremy rowley, jason mantzoukas, jessica mckenna, thomas middleditch, tawny newsome, ryan gaul, john gemberling, cart tart, neil campbell, zeke nicholson, seth morris, nick kroll, bobby moynihan, drew tarver, anthony atamanuik, matt besser, jessica st clair, lennon parham,

  • Fredlyn Curbles - 5 years ago

    Tight tort, silly con valley poo crew, what the dos, 500, reeses feces, popcorn costume, morzouksnick interruption, corndog horndog, law o ver everything, bing bong goodbye, two fingers wide

  • Garrett - 5 years ago

    C+ content

  • Josh - 5 years ago

    More Bob Ducca next year!

  • Jabbles - 5 years ago

    First full year as a listener! Obviously loved the big ones like XMas/8th Anniversary/500/etc. Some other highlights include:
    -Slow Joey, Cash Me Ousside & the Genie Activist
    -the recent John Early & Bone Chief return
    -Rob Huebel's "did you hear that siren" raps
    -Scott's Step-Father

  • Landon - 5 years ago

    The FBI/Catholic church had me crying!

  • Ryan Bouchey - 5 years ago

    Hard to choose with so many greats!
    I’ll be waiting for my I Voted sticker in the mail. Need to prove myself on social media..

  • colby - 5 years ago

    Thank you for another amazing year of laughs.

  • Gen - 5 years ago

    Anything & everything with Carl Tart has me cry laughing.

  • Erin - 5 years ago

    It HAS to be the 8th anniversary ep. I almost peed myself with that one. Chief is a dykon.

  • Sam sammerson - 5 years ago

    REESES FECES!! Patricia primm had me in stitches when she was high on painkillers. Trying to eat everyone’s pussy, what a girl.

  • Shane Danielsen - 5 years ago

    Hallowe'en show typically superb—mostly for the gritted-teeth conviction Nick Wiger brings to his delivery of ''Monster Fuck'. ('Christ has abandoned this place' might be the CBB line of the year.)

    Paul F Tomkins remains a living treasure. Andy Daly is a dark genius. Jon Gabrus has a phenomenal, quicksilver mind.

    One request: a return from Bitsy-Boo Carmichael.

  • Johnny poo shoe - 5 years ago

    This was one of the hardest polls ever. Lots of great eps this year!

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    The Calvins Twins Return needs some love! Don't forget them, voters!

  • Lila F - 5 years ago

    great eps

  • Melissa M - 5 years ago

    Prince and John Popper is definitely top 3 for this year. Andy Daly is too brilliant.

  • Matt Dobbs - 5 years ago

    Oh Episode 518, if only every day was Rrrrrobbie BURNS Day.

  • sonofghostdad - 5 years ago

    Fantastic year! Could easily have voted for top 25. Carl Tart's Chief, Kyle Mooney's Chris Fitzpatrick, Gino's bait boy story, and the return of Bob Ducca were special highlights.

  • Tom Tombo - 5 years ago

    What's your AIM has gotta take the cake.

  • Taylor Fulton - 5 years ago

    congrats on another great year!!

  • ADAM S GLUSKIN - 5 years ago

    Any episode with Gabrus and Lapkus is a winner. Close up the comment bag.

  • Don - 5 years ago

    Cart Tart as The Chief has to make it to the "Best of"s, gumshoes!

  • Patrick Bute - 5 years ago

    The Evigan Way is the episode that hooked me on the show. So funny

  • poo bum wee - 5 years ago

    In my opinion, The Freak was the best ep of the year! Bachelor Bros + Chris Fitzpatrick

  • emily ward - 5 years ago

    i definitely voted for all of Carl Tart's appearances! More Carl Tart in 2018

  • Alex - 5 years ago

    The Dream Method was amazing. Think Detective Yoplait was my favorite new character

  • Joshua - 5 years ago

    this year was un fucking real. Not enough votes to give one to all my favorite eps!!

  • Steve - 5 years ago

    Will Hines deSTROYED this year. Johnny Bikes from ep 472 and the dream lord were unreal. 499 The Freak with the Bachelor brothers was so so good also. Bait Boy story!!!

  • i am deeply in love with jessica mckenna

  • Andrew - 5 years ago

    Another incredible year. Thanks for all you do Scotty Auks and the CBB crew!

  • Adam - 5 years ago

    I think comedy is very, very funny.

  • Bard - 5 years ago

    475, 495, 500!

    "bait boy for the Catholic church"

  • Carter - 5 years ago

    It's great every week! How is it still great every week!

  • Andrew Schreiner - 5 years ago

    Every episode is a pleasure. I'll always see you as someone I lookes up to as far as comedy goes. God bless!

  • Kiernan Doyle - 5 years ago

    Sillycon valley is best episode of season

  • Paul "What's with Mondo MB" Jacobs - 5 years ago

    Your show has helped me in some REALLY dark times. To laugh is to heal.

  • Stuart Lovinggood - 5 years ago

    Please enter a comment.

  • Aidan - 5 years ago

    no comment

  • Nick - 5 years ago

    If you don't vote, the staff at Earwolf will turn you out and coinstar you.

  • Mike simonich - 5 years ago

    Aw snap

  • Nathan Shouse - 5 years ago


  • Brandon Ethridge - 5 years ago


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