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Posted 1 year.


  • Bobby - 1 year ago

    ???? spinex

  • Bill - 1 year ago

    Eko vibez is the awesome one I will have to select due to do many reasons.

  • Pretty Anabell - 1 year ago is bae other blogs here are not up to date like Ekovibez i get my lastest music here.. Lagos State poly girls are voting u must win eko

  • micheal Johnson - 1 year ago

    Ekovibez is the best blog here i see no other blog who can contest ... The whole Lagos State Polytechnic dey your back

  • josy - 1 year ago

    Ur advert came to me????????

  • marvelous - 1 year ago

    Donny ur the best!!

  • Babs Mightybaze - 1 year ago

    Thumb up bro...Mightybaze gat ur back

  • Uba - 1 year ago

    Spinex music is the best in the whole world..

  • Me joshua - 1 year ago

    Wishing all d best

  • jeodax - 1 year ago

    Ekovibez have been my favorite website to visit all over Africa website easy to use and nice graphic I cherish ekovibez and I do introduce it to everyone around me ekovibez continue the good work and keep it up

  • Quint - 1 year ago

    Spinex is the best one out there. It's reliable and has original content.. vote for Spinex everyone

  • Vitalis - 1 year ago

    Vitalis(lodge)....... Spinex, You are all that we want...

  • White light - 1 year ago


  • White light - 1 year ago


  • Mr. Chuks - 1 year ago

    I fine Ekovibez and Easy to browse it.. i spend all day ready daily sport news, celebrity gossip and download news music.. the owner of ekovibez is a hard working guy he deserve to win next rated blogger in Nigeria his blog is one of the best blogs in Nigeria you can always visit his blog and see for your self i will also be at the event to see him win this award.

    Thanks west africa blogger award you guyz are doing a nice job

  • I know Donny naija,(Daniel) - 1 year ago

    Best of luck

  • Tina - 1 year ago

    Daniel is the one, I love spinex, we gat your back always

  • Tina - 1 year ago

    Daniel is the one, I love spine, we gat your back always

  • Tina - 1 year ago

    Daniel is the one, I love spine, we gat your back always

  • Brainz - 1 year ago

    Best Website, most reliable, full of accurate contents, and updated every minute! its out award ooh #TeamEkoVibez

  • Brown - 1 year ago

    Spinex All the way. All UNN are solidly behind you to win. Go and propsper

  • James - 1 year ago

    SpinexMusic is one of the blogs out there currently . I just he wins it

  • adenuga sophia - 1 year ago

    I like the fact that the organizers of this award came up with this idea to celebrate bloggers.And I'm wishing all the bloggers that made it in the nomination list success.But above all I'm wishing Spinex the best of luck..Because I Cherish his passion and commitment in his blogging career.. Long live WABA Team.Long live spinex.Long live @lindaikeji ..

  • Baba Dee - 1 year ago

    Ekovibez is the Best Website here and deserve the best next rated blogger this dude his doing great in his blogging career thumbs up to the people supporting ekovibez God bless you all Amen....

  • Arinze Naijafresh - 1 year ago

    Ekovibez bring the award home.

    Team Ekovibez

  • i like the video i hope you guys you will win in any category of music producing i like you website guys

  • simon jackson - 1 year ago

    i like the video it make me to be a rapper also

  • chris Chikelue - 1 year ago

    Danial has been doing well as a bloger from his local school environment, I think its time he goes international aswell .

  • vivian - 1 year ago

    keep up the good work dear. i hope you win!!!!!

  • Pylon Cee - 1 year ago

    EKOVIBEZ all the way!
    Tested and trusted

  • Casmir Eric - 1 year ago

    Is obvious that this category is d hottest of luck to u guys.

  • Brainy - 1 year ago

    Ekovibez go gt yah award baby u re d bestest grl mor vibez mor muzik luck bb

  • DESMOND MOBOLAJI - 1 year ago have always been my favourite blog over the years now.I wish you the best of luck Spinex. You need to bag this award.More music and entertainment for us.As God liveth, You will attain a world recognition..#STRONGSUPPORT

  • Melanin qwin - 1 year ago

    Spinex you sure deserve that award so go get it????

  • Peace Ugwu - 1 year ago're all the way up

  • DanYaro - 1 year ago

    Ekovibez all the way!!!

  • fhævy - 1 year ago

    tested and trusted...
    always ur fam anywhere, anytime anyday...
    Goodluck dear!

  • Ogoo - 1 year ago

    Donnynaija..who doesn't know you in unn, even the VC knows you..good luck dear

  • Chidinma - 1 year ago

    Ekovibez d hottest blog.. dropping d latest all d time..

  • prettievickie - 1 year ago

    I see that passion in you spinex.........i know you can do it. Keep rolling and hit it HARD

  • Bertrand - 1 year ago

    Ekovibez is more reliable & accurate, more Grace bro

  • Show dem - 1 year ago

    Spinex...keep rolling!

  • George Ekaette - 1 year ago

    Ekovibes for the best

  • Jamnaija - 1 year ago

    Good site tho... got cool and quick updates. It's probably the only familiar name on this list

  • Wahab Abdulahi - 1 year ago



    Spinex all the way! UNN has got your back! Ride on bro

  • G.Blaise - 1 year ago

    EkoVibe is d vibe #Big up fan.

  • Vincent - 1 year ago

    Spinex.. We backing you up here.

  • wizzle - 1 year ago

    Eko_vibes alllll d way

  • prince - 1 year ago

    Winning any category is all about the votes, except if peoples vote don't count.For the organizers of this 2017 west Africa bloggers award, you ought to intensify your advert using google adwords and possibly facebook ads to increase the awareness of this upcoming event.Media houses shouldn't be left out too.With this move millions of people will participate actively on this.Thank you!

  • John - 1 year ago

    I know Ekovibez will win in this group i just vote for Ekovibez As Next Rated Blogger I love his site always updated

  • Silas Duguda - 1 year ago

    It is my best website than other

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