Who deserves most blame for Raiders' disappointing season?

Posted 1 year.


  • SCOTT HATCHER - 1 year ago

    Todd Downing is leading the voting, but #4 is changing the plays or dumping off before the rush gets to him. He's playing gun shy instead of letting receivers get open. In Carr's defense, he can't trust the receivers to make the catch.

  • Ken Ertman - 1 year ago

    Greedy Mark Davis is to blame. He should have committed to Oakland no matter what, as a Stadium Deal in Oakland would have come if he patient and not against City Leaders so much. The Team: players coaches were affected by this outside noise and so Mr Davis is 100% to blame.

  • Ron - 1 year ago

    I watch kc and they go with 8 in the box. You have to figure out who you are blocking. Not with norton .

  • Ron - 1 year ago

    Been saying it since last yr and been really vocal this yr. Ken Norton is horrible.

  • Gabriel medina - 1 year ago

    Well I don't know why the fans are blaming jack del rio he's not the person to blame the ones are to blame are ken norton jr and Todd downing for the game loses jack did a good job for beening head coach of the raiders !!

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