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CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND: Kids In The Hall vs. Mr. Dressup (Poll Closed)


  • L. Olson - 6 years ago

    Just remember on this last day of voting... today would have been Ernie Coombs 90th birthday! One last present for Mr Dressup!

  • L Baker - 6 years ago

    Isn’t a compromise in order? I mean kooky and subversive Finnigan’s influence is clear in the demented humour of The Kids.

  • Stafford Richter - 6 years ago

    I voted, I feel guilty. Hard to choose between these two titans. Sad.

  • G Cancade - 6 years ago

    Not to take away from the talent in KITH, but Mr. Dressup was a huge part of my childhood, so much that I refer to my big tote purse as my tickle truck.

  • Patty B - 6 years ago

    Hard choice! Mr.Dressup is my earliest tv memories, my dad looked so much like Ernie Coombs that my cousin thought he was Mr Dress-up, but every single day of my adult life I make Kids in the Hall references. I have a reference for every circumstance.

  • McBain - 6 years ago

    I LOVE Mr. Dressup. He defined my childhood and began forming my world view. However, the Kids in the Hall defined my teen years and adulthood, and subverted everything that had come before. This was the hardest decision of the entire tournament, but.... Viva la KITH!

  • J. Hess - 6 years ago

    Not to diminish the talents, and the number of hilarious laughs the KITH have given, as a kid growing up in the US, not far from the Canadian border, I was fortunate enough to have had a lot of CBC programming, including Mr. Dressup and his puppet friends, in my life. Mr. Dressup was so important in my youth that I made it a point to visit the CBC Museum in Toronto just to see the tickle trunk, Casey and Finnegan's treehouse and Mr. Dressup's easel in person.

  • James Doyle - 6 years ago

    Every kid in every province and territory hoped and prayed that one day they would awaken and find their very own tickle trunk. It is in its own way a very powerful symbol of Canadian innocence, imagination and hope.

  • D. Lawson - 6 years ago

    Here's to the fabulous Judith Lawrence , puppeteer of Casey and Finnigan @ her home on Hornby Island. Thank you.

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