Who Do You Want Sam With - BM Jason or SB Jason?

  • Josie Gillen - 3 years ago

    Sam and Jason need to reunite they are and always GH super couple they been through hell and back need the fiesty spitfire Sam back and Sam always thought she was married to the man that holds her heart and soul Jason . Sam and Drew are the most boring couple of GH hate to see two awesome actors lose viewers or air time sorry viewers are already saying that they fast forward over there scenes

  • Sassie - 3 years ago

    I think I figured this out, a group of girls in my age group have determined that the reason BM might have a lot of votes is because most of the people voting for him are people that are fairly new at watching GH, maybe 20- 25 years or less but my age range (of the people in my social group, at work etc) are die hard GH fans that have been watching GH for 45 to 50 years and we just don't like change and we are faithful to the original actors/actresses. I don't even like when they have stand ins or replacements of any characters, I'm still having trouble with Lulu's new character, (Emme Rylan) because I was and am stuck on Julie Berman playing Lulu. I like Billy Miller and miss him on the Y&R and I am actually not happy that his character was taken over by Jason Thompson (who I like as Dr Patrick Drake on GH). I don't like it when a character comes back from the dead over and over and over again because then it's hard to get into the story line because it is just way to far out there like with Helena Cassadine who was originally played by Elizabeth Taylor back in about 1981 and replaced by Constance Towers. I have plead guilty to "objecting to change" my whole life both in fiction and in my own real life, Geez, I'm still a hippie LOL. I don't like change and I want SB back as Jason and BM back as Billy Abbott. Both of these guys are hot and excellent actors and the fact that they can both adapt to their new character so well just goes to show you what excellent actors they really are. I think it would be cool to have BM move into the "other" twins spot because he really fits the Navy Seal kind of guy, BM is more of a law abiding tough guy and SB is more of a bad boy tough guy, both hot both good at what they do, I say bring BM in as the Navy Seal good guy. I don't have time to proof read this comment so I hope there's no typo's and that everything makes sense!!

  • Geri - 3 years ago

    Honestly, I'm a loyal Billy Miller fan. Multiple Emmy winner and extremely talented. I loved SB as Dylan on YR have nothing bad to say he's great too but how he and his costar have connected just looks natural and works

    I will say that I started watching GH after BM left YR. Several YR actors went to GH so I don't have the history you all do.

  • Sassie - 3 years ago

    I'm just trying to figure out what "guest"is trying to say because it kind of sounds like there is some validity to their comment. In my opinion about the show, I would like to see Sam get back with SB Jason, that is a solid love that I would like to think exists, it was story book and the fact that she was married to BM Jason thinking it was the real Jason should make a difference, I just don't see how someone could love that purely and solid 2 times in a life time.

  • Veronica - 3 years ago

    There is only one Jason n Sam. By law Jason n same is still legally married and the apartment is Jason. The motorcycle is Jason. Sam n jason should get back together cause they been threw hell n back. Jason did jump into the water to rescue her, he did jump threw the window, he did carry her all the way back to Sonny’s to keep her alive and get the help she needed. That is true love. Now Drew should be with his family his son and mom and keep in co tact with Sam cause their child together. Now let’s go to Sam yes she had problems and has two kids by twin brothers. She has many memories with Jason and she knows deep down inside she loves Jason. She needs time away from both of them so she can figure out what she really wants and who she wants to be with. She has flash backs she does of her and Jason, not her and Drew. Her heart belongs to Jason but she is trying to have a normal life with Drew. She needs to do a pro and con and figure who she wants to be with

  • guest - 3 years ago

    I'm just making a comment what the writer's want It's fine I will like to see something that is good with a lot of acting than the writing . along it's fun easy to watch and as long it's soups it should stick to the scrip the story for 5 years and BM SB DON'T SPLIT THEM APART LISLEY PLAYED MONDCA from late 1981 she foster a child that could be BM's Charter it's in the ant secretary. DNA he be long's to his house mother raised as a Q. you don't you get much form in the Q house hold.

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