Should 18-21-yer-old drivers be allowed to cross state lines?

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  • Theresa - 7 years ago

    NO!!!!!! What gives these stupid ass Congress the idea that an 18-21year old are able to operate a semi across state lines??? Hell an 18-21 year old can't even obey the law and rules of the road in a car, what in the world makes you jerks think they will obey the rules and laws in a semi???? All I have to say is better RETHINK this again. The trucking industry isn't like it use to be. It states in the driving manual that a driver has to be able to read and speak English for driving....well majority of these drivers come to the US that can't speak/read English and this is where problems start. Attitude is another one. Let them stay local til they reach the tight age to drive OTR, maybe by then they'll find a job that will suit them better and one they would like/enjoy. Highways are not safe any more out here either

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