Should Vero Beach remove the cross from Veterans Memorial Island Sanctuary?

  • saz - 3 years ago

    The cross stands for God, inwhich we should all believe, whatever God you want to believe in. Let it stand or give people access to add their own symbols. I was shocked to see how many people don't want the cross - it's not hurting anyone. Add your own monuments heathens.

  • Jo Anne Gillespie - 3 years ago

    This monument is on public land. Since its purpose is to honor our veterans, it must honor and provide solace and recognition to all veterans, not just Christian veterans. This is no place for a symbol of any particular religion. If Christians want to put up a monument honoring Christian veterans, they can do so on church or private property.

  • Skip Hartzell - 3 years ago

    Personally, I do not believe in Religions of any kind. I do believe in a power greater than me but it is not god and not the devil. I support others who believe differently than I do. I am opposed to one group that wants to force their beliefs and religious or pagan symbols on others. If some people want the cross to stay on public property then all beliefs should be welcome to display their symbols as well. Wishing Peace and Love to all.

  • Fred Fernandez - 3 years ago

    Really? can't find anything else to moan about, try a muslim country, just simply unbelievable, probably somebody that says happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

  • Bill Smithson - 3 years ago

    I am an atheist and a veteran of the Vietnam war. I served my country with other non-religious and non-Christian service men and women. I believe any memorial on public lands should be neutral without any symbols of religious identity. I believe the city of Vero Beach should remove the cross from the monument so that it reflects the diversity of all our service men and women who paid the ultimate price for their country.

  • Cathy Katrovitz - 3 years ago

    Are we in Indian River County only honoring Christian veterans at our Memorial Island? I feel rather certain there are Jewish, Muslim, maybe Unitarian, and perhaps an atheist or two who've served from here. To honor what is a majority is fine, but does that mean excluding the minorities?

  • Larry Leeder - 3 years ago

    Mr. Roe, Mr. Watson, and Ms. Powell, would you be okay with a Satanic Pentagram being added to the monument?

  • Nora Naurava - 3 years ago

    Dona Powell—You sound as though you are filled with hate. Maybe that is why Christianity shouldn’t be promoted. Let us keep a separation of Church and State.

  • Buddy Watson - 3 years ago

    I don’t understand something, if there’s a Star of David or other symbols other than a cross, it does not offend me as a Christian. WHAT IS THIER REAL PROBLEM????

  • Dona Powell - 3 years ago

    Why do these People Now 50 years . Some monuments longer Feel that because they said something or saw something they should have their entitlement rights done the way they want. I bet if they saw a child being abused they would walk by say nothing and do nothing. Don't like it there is plenty of space where there is no monuments. Go to the middle of the ocean and keep your head under water till you find another monument you want removed

  • Neal Roe - 3 years ago

    Michael Haggerty has brought us to a crossroads and for what purpose? His closed mind and heart is the issue.

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