Men: do you fear that past incidents could result in a new sexual harassment claim being made against you? (Poll Closed)

  • No
    287 votes

  • Yes
    57 votes



  • HarassedMan - 2 years ago

    Although it's likely the majority of it, harassment doesn't happen only to females. I am male and was once pursued in the workplace by a male superior. It happened early in my career as a manager. I felt very threatened, and thought it likely I would lose my job by reporting it, but I did so anyway. It was handled poorly by my manager's superiors. Years later when a female staff member reported being harassed, I understood what she felt like, and once her claims were verified it was a no-brainer to release the male offender.

    Clear training, policies, and enforcement procedures are a must in today's workplace.

  • hisjunkie - 2 years ago

    Just as there are men who violate ethics, there are women who will unethically use that to leverage their situation. If you are a male and have to terminate a female for legitimate better think long and hard on this question.

    I am not making an excuse for Weinstein, Moore, etc., but what ever happened to 'innocent till proven...'

  • Cosmos - 2 years ago

    I work for a vendor who hires a lot of college graduates to fill service and implementation positions. Relationships happen frequently between twentysomethings in the same group, sitting across from each other, and occasionally with younger supervisors. The atmosphere is professional and I've never heard of any harassment allegations, but who knows what happens in private.

    For the record, I'm happily married and try to be a good role model.

  • NoHorseInThisRace - 2 years ago

    I avoid this by not sexualizing workplace interactions. Always have. The few times I've interpreted chemistry with a coworker in the past I took that out of the office.

  • Michael Krivich - 2 years ago

    If one has a strong moral compass, know right from wrong and respecting women, then it fiesn't happen. That's why.

  • eric bush - 2 years ago

    I never mix my meat with my potatoes

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