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If your city banned guns, would you leave? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 1,290

  • Cal M. - 5 years ago

    Yes, I would absolutely leave to live in a jurisdiction that does not fall under the ban.

    And, FWIW...I don't see the responsibility falling to cities and municipalities to enforce a federal edict. These proposed urban depots will be federally operated, likely by the RCMP and funded by you and me. There will be no local pressure to support nor deny the installation of a ban and storage depot.

    Just made my $50 donation to the NFA legal fund.

  • Ken Whitney - 5 years ago

    I have voted no....I'd stay and keep my guns. As a senior on a fixed income, I cannot afford to relocate. I live in a small town (population 1300 65% seniors) and would hope that our local municipal council can see the travesty of the affect that large urban centres control how we in rural Ontario live and tell pollsters to do another poll of rural Ontario residents for a comparative result. I feel sure that the results would bee quite different.

  • David - 5 years ago

    Would municipal governments want to add even more contentious issues to their council meetings? Mayors and council members getting voted in or out based on the views of firearm ownership? Especially for smaller cities.

    I'm not law expert by a long shot but how can city/municipal government dictate what personal property you own and keep inside your home? Its not like parking a 40 ft RV on the front lawn or having a meth lab in the basement.

    If such a stupid idea did become law in my city, I would move. I have that choice because I'm retired and have the means but many would not have that option.

  • Wyatt E. - 5 years ago

    the libs might want to wake up to the fact that the total number of firearms owners should be fully prepped for the next fed.election,and approx. 2 million votes,along with friends and relatives ,adds up to one hell of a big swat in any political provincial legislation could discriminate against lawful/legal firearms owners,and where they choose to live,I'm not sure of,since firearms laws/legislation are well,if TO is any example,the politicos might want to focus on knives and gangs/drugs ,and not legal firearms owners...even further,of all the legal/law abiding firearms owners in cities,how many are involved in anything illegal with firearms,which affects these "urban/city" dwellers at large ?...lets get the facts clear and visible to all...

    Wyatt E.

  • Rich - 5 years ago

    NO! I'd stay and still keep my firearms. Come get me you Fairies.

  • John Scott - 5 years ago

    Would not leave but would work to elect a new city council.

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