Do You Think Jason Should Divorce Sam & Set Her Free?

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Posted 1 year.


  • M litton - 1 year ago

    I want sam with jason there meart to be together

  • amanda - 1 year ago

    im a big fan of jason and Sam in fact when Steve Burton left the show i stopped watching his back and i want Jason and Sam back together and i believe it will happen i hope soon

  • Prettie - 1 year ago

    I like Billy Miller too, but I love that Steve Burton is back.Jason should let Sam go, if you can break up Luke and Laura, you can break up Jason and Sam. Jason should continue to support his kids, but let her go and in real life that is probably what the actress who plays Sam wants since she is involved with Billy's character in real life. Give Jason a brand new love interest, and please don't let it be Kim. He needs a brand new character to begin again, and it should not be Liz either. Let the brothers be friends or at least tolerate each other. I don't want Miller's character to be evil either. Let him continue to be a good guy.

  • Pearl - 1 year ago

    I think SB Jason should divorce Sam and let her be with Drew. But I’ll be really be mad if gh write it out where Drew and Sam and Liz fight SB Jason and keep his kids away from him that will be messed up if they keep his kids from him especially if Drew fights to keep the kids from SB Jason their real father I mean just remember his a victim also. And if he divorces Sam and let them keep Aurora Media but take the rest back from them would be cool then Drew can see his trying to keep the peace between them. Jason SB does deserve his assets and money back but let Sam go and let her and Drew keep the aurora media. But don’t let Liz and Sam and Drew keep Jason SB kids please you writer please don’t go that route that would be messed up in so many ways.

  • susan sergio - 1 year ago

    ok this is my thought on Sam and Jason i feel they should get back together their storyline has been awesome in the past they are truly in love with each other it's in their eyes everytime they look at each other - #TRUELOVENEVERDIES!!!

  • karen nelson - 1 year ago

    she might divorce Jason but her heart strings will keep pulling her to the real Jason until she is with him

  • Jeaneil Grooms - 1 year ago


  • Rhonda - 1 year ago

    Leave whiny whimpy Sam with Drew Jason needs to be with Liz finally!

  • rosw - 1 year ago

    Sam marriage is in trouble cuz she really loves Jason. But there's one thing she shouldn't do and that is keep his son from him, neither should liz

  • Brenda Johnson - 1 year ago

    Let non acting Sam be with boring as hell Billy Miller, who cares. I say give Steve Burton a new inteteresting love interest & let him show case he I s remarkable skills that he had. I for one will not miss Kelly or Billy & with that Bing said let's just move forward with Steve Burton & ALL the NEW & INTERESTING TWIST & TURNS YOU CAN GET FROM THIS. He's a diamond in the ruff... DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY

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