Which Cutie Mark Crusader was the best in season 7?

Posted 12 months.


  • aishe - 11 months ago

    Apple Bloom is so underrated...

  • Beanzoboy - 11 months ago

    Reply to Dallin Anderson

    Here you go again with the same tired "therapist" garbage. Equestria is over 1k years old. That means there have been several BILLION ponies born in its history. ALL OF WHICH had gotten their Cutie Marks in time (assuming they lived long enough). In seasons 1-4, the Mane 6 expressly state to the CMC that Cutie Marks CANNOT be forced to appear, and that they will show up when they are meant to. Despite this, the CMC spent 5 seasons trying dozens of activities TRYING to force their Cutie Marks to appear. They did not succeed because that's not how Cutie Marks work. And then they decide to open a camp to make other foals try dozens of activities. THIS IS WHAT "FORCING" A CUTIE MARK MEANS. You are NOT supposed to try a few dozen activities expressly to get your mark. You are SUPPOSED to get your mark during your life just by living it. That's it. That is how it has worked for over a thousand years for billions of ponies. But NOW you're saying it's different? Why?

    The problem with your "therapist" garbage excuse is that literally anybody that has EVER gotten their Cutie Mark can explain how to get it. Each of the Mane 6 have told the CMC the exact same thing over the series. And now you're telling me that it is the CMC's purpose IN LIFE to do something that LITERALLY any pony in the history of Equestria could have done. That's not much of a "talent" is it?

    Cutie Marks are a physical change that happens to every pony during the course of their life. It symbolizes the growth from a foal into an adult. Does that remind you of anything that ALL humans go through? You know, like PUBERTY? Even the cute-ceañera is a play on quinceañera, a celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America. It signifies adulthood.

    Are there people whose job it is to explain puberty to children? No? Because literally anybody that has gone through it can explain it to them? Gee, I wonder why THAT is! The whole point of a TALENT is that it's something that makes YOU special, compared to others. If it's something that literally anyone can (and does) do, then how exactly are YOU special? Not to mention, THREE characters have the exact same "talent". Also, they will not be foals forever (since now they're considered "adults" anyway) so when they're the age of the Mane 6 or the age of Granny Smith, how EXACTLY will they be able to "relate" to these foals? They're literally going to be doing this for decades.

    Also, since every pony gets their Cutie Mark eventually, what, exactly, do the CMC do? Every pony will get their Cutie Mark with or without the "help" of the CMC, making the CMC effectually useless. The ONLY way we will know for sure that they're DOING anything at all, is if a pony lives their entire life without their Cutie Mark because they never met the CMC. This will contradict the lore about Cutie Marks, but it's the only way that we'll know the CMC have any effect. If ponies still get their Cutie Marks regardless, then the CMC have done nothing to help anyone, making them and their "talent" absolutely useless in every way.

    "While it is true that one should not force a mark" It's not "should not" it's "CANNOT". And that is exactly what the camp is for. If the foals do an activity and DO NOT get their mark, they do another activity. This continues until they get their Cutie Mark. This is exactly forcing their Cutie Marks. Does logic really escape you so easily? You are supposed to go about your normal day, and when you REALIZE you have a skill, THAT is when your Cutie Mark appears. That's how it happened for the Mane 6, that's how it happened for Twist, that's how it happened for Babs, but SOMEHOW that's not how it happens with any of these foals. Are you kidding me? Also, not once have the CMC "helped" anyone with their Cutie Marks in a way that only they could have done it. ANY friend or family member could have done the same thing.

    Stop regurgitating this "therapist" bullshit. It's a load

  • anon - 11 months ago

    Scootaloo deserves to win this. She had the most memorable moments and developed quite a bit. Plus we learned more about her background.

    Sweetie Belle's a solid character too but she tends to win these polls just because she cute and kind of an ditz sometimes.

    I wish fans would stop just automatically voting for whoever their favorite pony is regardless of what the poll question is and actually think about who objectively is the best answer. I mean Applejack may be your favorite pony, but would you honestly vote for her in a poll for "most interesting cutie mark" or something?

  • Jimmy Hook - 11 months ago

    @Dallin Anderson

    well said :)

  • Dallin Anderson - 11 months ago

    - Reply to Beanzoboy -
    I have always found the CMC to be an interesting subject for a bit of the argument you make. Yes, it is a strange subject, helpng others find their purpose, but I believe it is needed in the Equestrian World. Many kids need a guiding hand in order to find a talent and its better for them to relate to one of their age rather than an adult. Their purpose is a cutiemark therapist of sorts, being able to comfort and provide a shoulder to lean on. In this society, they serve as an open door, a way for young or old people to find talents or understand life without having outside pressure exerting force on them, more recently seen in Marks and Recreation. They accept that Rumble does not want a mark and dos not push further while his brother tries to isolate and adress the problem in a way he feels is neccessary.

    Now, for your point on their development, I comepletely disagree. They have been developing since CotLM in a direction that many would take in their situation. 1st, what do we do after we find our purpose? If I discovered today that I was meant to be a singer, does that mean I ignore all other aspects of life and focus only on my ability? The episode that addressed this point explained a simple truth. Life is not all about one purpose and one mark. It changed their view as they used to only hunt for their mark. That is one of the reasons they helped through one on one exchanges, learning to see a pony before addressing the problem blindly. But, as popularity came, that became harder to do.

    While it is true that one should not force a mark, that is not the purpose of the camp. It became a chance to interact with a group as well as one on one for an entire day, the group helping each other towards a mark. It was not a forced event. The ponies there were actively searching for thier own mark and just attended an event to showcase more options. In reality, it was about exploring and having fun. Take a career fair at a college for example. It is not as a way to say "Here are the jobs available, pick one", it is a way to showcase jobs you may not have known existed. And, even if you are not looking for a job, you can attend it to learn to about the variety of options and get free stuff. No one is forcing you to get a job, they are only allowing you to try options. At many summer camps as well, you get to choose the activities you can be a part of, so you can see all the options. You are not restricted to some based on what you currently like or are attending.

    But I am getting off track. You see the CMC's as stock standard, that rules must be followed and cannot be changed. That is not true in life and certainitly not this world. Views can change and truths of the past may not be truths now, as seen most vividly with Starlight and the Changelings. There is aways another side, another view, another option. Looking for and acknowledging the different views exist is needed to fully understand the show, even if you don't agree with every view. However, like a cutiemark, knowing all the options available can help to discover the truth.

  • Franzyd - 11 months ago

    Where is Babs and Gaby
    Don't just tell me they didn't appear
    I am disappoint

  • Beanzoboy - 11 months ago

    None of the CMC have been good since before CotLM. They have to be deliberately written stupid in order to move the plot forward, and their "talent" is a load of shit. They've done literally nothing that absolutely any other character couldn't have done. For the first four seasons they were told they can't force their Cutie Marks, so the OBVIOUS next step is to open a fucking CAMP to force foals to get their Cutie Marks. Oh, yeah, that makes loads of fucking sense.

  • Jimmy Hook - 11 months ago

    I voted for Sweetie Belle. 3 reasons why:

    1. She is my 8th favorite character.

    2. She is my favorite CMC member.

    3. She is so Gosh Dang Cute! :3

  • J47fly - 11 months ago

    Wait... Sweetie Belle, what did she do in season 7?????

  • don - 11 months ago

    Sweetie Belle may have cute sisterly time with Rarity But Scootaloos fangirling Rainbows family was great!

    Now If the writers get on with Spike and Raritys arc .............

  • Sam - 11 months ago

    Scootaloo is always the answer. SHE WILL FLY. I believe it

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