Which of the Top 10 gave the best performance on 'The Voice'?

  • Mary Oriscak - 3 years ago

    So sick and tired of country singers. .they all sound alike and I find nothing artistic about them..Addison is very artistic and just an amazing voice..There should b a country edition of the voice so the competion is not clouded with nothing but the same old "twang:

  • peg Ramey - 3 years ago

    Oh, I forgot to mention Brooke! She, Keisha and Addison are TOPS!

  • Peg Ramey - 3 years ago

    Keisha and Addison are my favorites. Either one is "The Voice." Both have exceptional voice quality. Shi -Anne hasn't found out who she is yet. Red and Adam are a dime a dozen country singers. Chloe is great but the two I mentioned are better. Ashland will be a star someday. Davon is good but what he does has been heard before on the voice. Go Keisha and Addison. If Keisha isn't one of the last two, it will be incredibly disappointing. She is phenomenal!

  • Kate - 3 years ago

    Adam Levine is right in saying Addison is the best "artist" in the competition. Others with large voices give renditions of imitation but Addison sings with deep creativity and emotion every time she takes the stage. I wish her all the best and hope everyone sees what an amazing Voice she has to offer the world!

  • MACHELLA - 3 years ago

    Davon is one of the best singer since Chris blue. If Davon is not in the top five. Something isn't right with the way voting is done.

  • Laura - 3 years ago

    Consistently, I have felt Red and Ashland were among the bottom of all performances in the Live shows. They are average when it comes to vocals. I predict they will have 2 minutes of fame on the country scene and disappear. Some of the artists have an extraordinary quality to their voice and/or their performance that you can actually believe they will succeed on their own. I like Shi'Ann better if I'm out of the room and just listening, not watching. Adam has some power in his voice and I feel there is more distinction to him than the other country artists. I don't mind him, but he's clearnly not among the top contestants. The two that have consistently stood out--and apparently most comments I've seen from others concur--are Chloe and Addison. Addison has my vote weekly. BTW....this is my first season of ever watching the voice. I finally understand its popularity.

  • Robert - 3 years ago

    Addison, Chloe, and Brooke are the top 3 in my book

  • Ginny - 3 years ago

    Brooke you definitely should win. I can't wait to attend your concert

  • Andrew - 3 years ago

    Wow Chole. You did the excellent performance again. Your voice was amazing. Please vote for that girl.

  • Janine Redding - 3 years ago

    WOW! Addison is exceptional. Best voice performance since Jordan. Love, love, loved it.

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