Who would you have put at No. 4?

  • Jorge - 4 years ago

    Smarrogant school THE Ohio state university got thumped twice and should have lost a third time to THE Pennsylvania State University

  • PH - 4 years ago

    I personally didn't want to see 2 teams from one conference but IMO it's evident from the committee they think the Big 10 can't compete with the top teams. It's somewhat along the same lines as the PAC-12, USC gets beat by ND and they write off the entire conference. Well at least Bama and GA didn't play this year.

    I'm thrilled that Bama got in, why you ask? Because I truely believe the top 3 will blow any Big 10 team away.

    Finally, I actually think Penn State is the best team in the Big 10.

  • Veteran Bob - 4 years ago

    Wow. "A smattering of 6 or 8." That was the worst sell job ever. 6 completely confirms what Dan is asking for and is the exact opposite of 8. So disillusioned with you right now, McLovin.

  • Kevin - 4 years ago

    If conference title are meaningless, then have a 8 team playoff.
    1.Don't play a conference title.
    2.Take the highest ranked team from each of the power five.
    3.Two at large(no more than two from one conference allowed in)
    4.One team from the Next 5, if ranked in the top 15 (if not another at large)
    5.First Round played at home fields of teams 1-4 (played 2 weeks after season ends)
    6.Round two (First round now would not change)
    7.Final round (would not change)
    Leaving out two conferences and Independents is inexcusable.

  • Mark - 4 years ago

    Ohio State v. USC will be a better game than Ohio State v. Clemson anyway. I'm really excited to see the other bowl games.

    Miami v. Wisconsin, Penn State v. Washington, and UCF v. Auburn will be great to see how good each of these conferences really are when they finally go head-to-head. The Big 10 has some pressure in this bowl season, in my opinion, because Michigan is also going against South Carolina and Michigan State is playing Washington State. So what happens to the perception of the Big 10 if Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan and Michigan State all lose in their bowl games..?

  • Londoncalling04 - 4 years ago

    I guess conference championships don't matter - that's what they told me - why should any school play to be in one now??

  • Matt - 4 years ago

    I wonder how much last year's result factored into the selection, it would've been #1 Clemson v. #4 Ohio State again, and not letting that 31-0 blowout happen again so why not throw Alabama in.

  • Travis - 4 years ago

    If you go read the criteria on the college football playoff website, they picked the correct four teams.

  • Veteran Bob - 4 years ago

    6 Team Playoff -- like the NFL Conferences:
    Power 5 Champions - you get to keep the importance of your division, conference, and conference championship game
    1 x At-Large - you get to keep the debate, the opportunity for a non-Power 5 team/ND, and the velvet ropeexclusivity that Dan wants to keep
    1/2 seeds get byes - you reward sustained superior performance to the top 2 teams.

    Sell it McLovin!!!

    p.s. why is Dan so testy today?

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