Do You Feel Sorry For Steffy?

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Posted 1 year.


  • Cathie Williams - 1 year ago

    Steffy and Bill used evil plots to sabotage Liam and Hope's relationship. She used every trick to get Liam, not caring how he or hope felt. She has no morals. She tried to take Bill from Katy. She's arrogant, manipulative and calus. She's gotten away with so much wrong doing over the years. She MUST suffer the consequences for her actions! Now would be the perfect time to bring back Hope. Bill must suffer the consequences of his actions as well. Will Thomas EVER find out how Steffy, Bill and Caroline manipulated him, destroying his beautiful relationship with Sally, the love of his life? I certainly hope so. Meanwhile, Liam and Sally should have an affair. That would be prefect for Steffy"s punishment hahahahaha. Steffy is a lowly dusgusting character and so is Bill! They both need taken down off of their high horses. I love this soap opera. Why not add 30 more minutes?

  • Tameka Cooper - 1 year ago

    Everyone makes mistakes,she was hurt by what Liam had done it could have been avoided by both but the love each other and they'll end back together regardless let them be happy with each of them give them what they lost a baby and help them be a better family

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