Ericsson's Borje Ekholm vs Sprint's Marcelo Claure (Poll Closed)

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  • Btkolo - 3 years ago

    Marcelo has done a great job stabilizing Sprint, but has had a terrible 2017, stock down 35% ytd! Voted for him, because of CEO paired against. John Legere wins hands down, impressive work at @Tmobile for customers and shareholders! Go John

  • Federico Velez - 3 years ago

    As a Verizon retiree and bolivarista at heart, I have been following mr Claure's career, impressive!.
    Go AKD, today is the day.

  • Kourtney Kent - 3 years ago

    Great run, Marcello! We are so thrilled to be in the discovery district for Sprint under your leadership! #ItWorksForMe #WeBleedYellow

  • Quinesha Jarvis - 3 years ago

    Go Marcelo!!!! We believe in you!

  • Kaća Kasalo - 3 years ago

    Yes, expect good old Ericsson better and stronger then ever -> with Borje as a leader!

  • Ajinkya Patil - 3 years ago

    Borje... Making a sinking ship to sail again with strong foundations is what this person is been doing since he has taken over Ericsson... We are all the sailors and he what a captain...

    AeAe Captain...

  • Pratyush Das - 3 years ago

    Borje is planning in advance and his vision for ericsson future is showing on his leadership.Hopefully again Ericsson will be leader for next few years in telecom industry under the leadership of Borje.

  • Monroy - 3 years ago

    Vamos Marcelo.
    aguante la AKD.!!!

  • Hans W - 3 years ago

    We are Ericsson, #$% damn it...

  • NIRAJ KUMAR - 3 years ago

    Borje has been simplifying the corporate and governance processes to ensure the smooth permeation of essence of doing profitable businesses across the hierarchies and thus ascertaining the accuntability to each individual to put the company on right trajectory.
    The legacy of 140 years old company is slowly traversing the right path to shine with the same lustre under his tutelage and guidance which appeared to be eclipsed due to many complexities.
    De-layering the governance, simplifying the processes, focus on delivery centric organisation,harnessing the pre-integrated services, enabling each and every employee to feel empowered and thus owning more accountability that too with more keenness, operational efficiencies and optimization, envisioning and focussing upon disruptive and innovative technologies like 5G, AI, IOT,Automation,Bringing product and product near services much closer (tightly coupled),encouraging and investing on R&D and indeed emphasising upon CSR activities and technology for betterment of humanity are few salient points of Borje's synergised endeavour which is going to make Ericsson again, a company to look forward to ,

  • Do care - 3 years ago

    Borje has innovative and out of the box thinking .I have confidence on him ,he will bring Ericsson back as the industry leader.

  • Ericsson - 3 years ago

    Borje is the winner guys.

  • We care - 3 years ago

    Borje is an inspirational leader and he is working very hard indeed to get Ericsson back on track.
    And we will, because, We Are Ericsson!

  • Who cares - 3 years ago

    Telecom industry is facing doomsday . Thanks to Huawei. ????

  • Hassan Khan - 3 years ago

    Borje is doing wonderful job in Ericsson .

  • SPMS - 3 years ago

    He is dedicated to his company and customercustomer satisfaction, Bravo Borje!!

  • Henry Gutierrez - 3 years ago

    Excellent Chief Executive that is driven to make Sprint successful and takes care of his Sprint Partners!

  • Jorge barrientos - 3 years ago

    Excelente empresario, emprendedor, eficiente y una gran persona

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