Most Maddening Moment of the Year - 2017 (Poll Closed)

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Posted 1 year.

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  • Ben - 1 year ago

    I went for Divided States of America controversy. Was it Chaykin's finest moment? No*. But a a few other pro's came out looking worse as they argued for limits on artists and art. It was everything wrong with Twitter and the comics community - people calling for the banning of a work they hadn't read (Some of thema rtists themselves)
    Funniest part being is that if you stuck with the series the last issue had the transexual character post-coital in bed with the lead character - the square jawed hetero Chaykin stand-in. By being so primed for outrage on trans rights that they lost their minds over a sequence removed of it's place in the work they missed where the characters were going - somewhere more interesting than most genre books tread, and somewhere very close to what they said was lacking in comics.

    *He did a more intresting take on trans characters before most of his critics were born.

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