Should The LT5 Make Its Way To The Camaro?


  • P T - 6 years ago

    Just turned down ordering spot for a ZL1 1LE . Hoping that the ZR1 motor will find its way to a 2019-20 Camaro Z28 or ZL1 1LE Track Extreme . If it doesn't happen then I have total REGRETS about not ordering.

  • Bobby Temple - 6 years ago

    Own 2014 zl1 from new, upgraded camshaft and supercharger to 740 hp and love it ,but I would definitely buy a new a10 lt5 if it were available. I want drag strip performance, the road handling capabilities are awesome, but for most it's not likely we will ever see road course but most go to local drag strips,and it sux that my modified 2014 zl1 cannot beat a well tuned stock hellcat in 1/4 mile, it can tie and beat some hellcats in 1/8 mile.

  • gary - 6 years ago

    Absolutely the LT5 belongs in the Zl1. I purchased a 2013 Zl1 new @ love it but if the 2019 Z has the LT5 I will order one in a heart beat. I’m not interested in another 70hp ie. gen 6 but 175hp is a winner. GM has got to keep up with the competition or get out of the sport/muscle car business.
    The camaro & corvette are icons in the sport community & boomers like myself that are GM loyalists anxiously wait for more hp & ft lbs.

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