Which format for CMEpalooza Spring would you prefer?


  • Karen Busse - 5 years ago

    I like the idea of two half-day sessions, a week apart. To allow for time zones, best mid-day... then. It too early or late, thank you! I think I need a planning trip to Aruba!

  • Kevin D. Lyons - 5 years ago

    Two sessions over two days... BUT, the toothbrush and QB sessions should be combined to a single session as premium content offered in the afternoons as pay-per-view video only, with an up-sell to give live instruction and direction of the video... wait... could this be accredited as professional development? Asking for a friend...

    #DILLY #JustForKim

  • Amanda Glazar - 5 years ago

    I agree with the other comments. I think two half day sessions spread out over a week or two would fit better into more people's schedules.

  • Brian S Mcgowan - 5 years ago


  • Elizabeth - 5 years ago

    What about one morning then the next afternoon (or the reverse). Some of us have more meetings in the morning.
    Thanks guys— for fun learning!

  • Jean Jenkins - 5 years ago

    Thanks for asking for our feedback. Like Ellen, I find it hard when I am in my office to ignore all the competing demands and attend all the sessions of CME Palooza. Half-day sessions or once-a-month hour-long webinars would address this difficulty.

  • Ellen Simes - 5 years ago

    Hi and thanks for asking. Not only is carving out a full day difficult, no matter how compelling the content, it is challenging to remain attentive for that long a period of time ( principles of adult learning :-)).
    I am with the person who mentioned doing have days but not necessarily consecutively. Maybe offering something that is even just a couple of hours monthly or every other month is an option.
    However you do it, know that all your time and efforts are appreciated.

  • Gabby Cruze - 5 years ago

    Hi Scott and Derek, thanks for asking the question! I think it's an important one...

    I do think it's tough for folks to block out what is essentially a whole day. And no matter how I try, there is always some work-related meeting that I must attend which unfortunately takes me away from the live broadcast. I do like having the option for live Q&A, but I do rely heavily on the archive for those sessions I have to skip.

    In addition, and I'm sure you've considered this, the time zone factor may also be at play. We struggle with this kind of timing question on our own activities every time we try and plan a simple live webcast and therefore end up with multiple options to accommodate a national audience. We don't want to alienate our mountain/pacific time zone learners and therefore try to give them just as many options as we do our east coast learners. When I'm rummaging through the kitchen to put lunch together, our colleagues out west are just getting in to the busiest part of their day, so it's possible that contributes to the drop-off too.

    I hope this helps and I do think offering two separate days is a good idea to pilot. Happy to chat further if you want.

    Hope you both have happy holidays!

  • Annette Schwind - 5 years ago

    I like the idea of half-day events. Would you consider scheduling the half days with more time in between rather than having on consecutive days? It can be hard to carve out 4 hours 2 days in a row, but might be more doable if you had a week or 2 weeks in between.

  • Kim Vadas - 5 years ago

    I prefer the option of 2 half days, However, for me it’s easier to watch afternoon sessions instead of the morning sessions. When you take into account the different time zones, mornings are tough.

  • Desiree Ng - 5 years ago

    Keep up the great work!

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