How do you feel about the RCMP's crackdown on the lighted Christmas trucks in the Comox Valley?


  • cheryl Deleeuw - 5 years ago

    The Grinch that stole Christmas!

  • Michael Pitcher - 5 years ago

    Within the city(×3) limits the "bylaws" could be structured to permit special mobile displays mounted on these rigs escorted by "pilot vehicles" as provided for by wisdom applied to safe traffic regs over the past century. The RCMP are enforcing the regs in place. Ammend the regs for this special community focussed event and relieve their paradox. Many other "unenforceable" breaches of the Motor Vehicle / City By-laws are causing much more dangerous distractions daily across this valley. Our experience as an operator of commercial delivery vehicles gives witness to this. The force is in a vise and as disappointing as this action has been , may they enjoy the peace of Christmas while we as a community work out how we can embrace the return of the " lighted convoys". Our city/town leadership should be able to give us back the joy and peace our "truckers" shared so generously. Just saying.

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    lights on homes are more distracting then the trucks are The RCMP should do their job by stopping drunk drivers speeders not stopping people who are doing good for our community.. The RCMP have lost my respect not that I had much respect for them in the first place

  • Lorna Mae Woodward - 5 years ago

    why are they being allowed in many other communities such as Port Alberni and Victoria? RCMP has jurisdiction in these areas as well. Is it a guideline or part of the motor vehicle act that’s at issue. I and many others would appreciate knowing.

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