'The Voice': Who should be crowned the champion?

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Poll posted 2 years ago.


  • Cora Waddell - 2 years ago

    I vote Brooke Simpson she is beautiful and sings amazingly.

  • Mike Sessoms - 2 years ago

    Betty Davis Eyes you were great. You have a great career ahead of you and I wish you the best!

  • Jackie Dotson - 2 years ago

    Love listening to Red. I'm from Alabama and we have alot of great talent here. God bless

  • sharron gritzo - 2 years ago

    Clohe your great watch since the beginning years ago Blake Shelton you are a winner and you have my votes

  • Judy Sessoms - 2 years ago

    CHLOE, You have to win!!!!!! You are the BEST the VOICE Has Ever Seen or Heard!
    You have a VOICE America wants to hear more of!!!!!! BLAKE CHLOE HAS TO WIN!!!!!!
    Everyone vote for CHLOE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaszy - 2 years ago

    Chloe HAS to take this! She just has to. It would be so devastating if she doesn't, considering she's number 1 to win on almost every online poll.
    I just have to say VOTE for who you want to WIN! Don't vote for multiple people. VOTE FOR YOUR WINNER. Keep buying Chloe's songs on iTunes if you haven't already!

  • Drew - 2 years ago

    Brooke has poor personality. It is like voting for a musical instrument, not for an individual. She will 100% lose it.

  • Jenna - 2 years ago

    Brooke deserved to win she sings so effortlessly. She used to sing at my church and her range is amazing. Clohe tries way to hard and sounds exactly like every other famous female artist. At least Brooke is original.

  • Bia Bispo - 2 years ago

    Brooke Simpson should win, her clean range of voice, her way of interpreting any song is so unique and not commercial. She is the best among these four. Real talent.

  • Nancy Johnston - 2 years ago

    Chloe deserves to win

  • Cindy Duckworth - 2 years ago

    Addison should be the winner here!!! She has an amazing voice.

  • V - 2 years ago

    Brooke is the best out of everyone here, and Addison is the second best. I'd be fine with either Brooke or Addison winning. Chloe and Red deserve to get 3rd and 4th, but they won't, and Chloe is probably going to win even though she doesn't have a good voice. (Also, Janice and Davon were robbed.)

  • Arnold McGall - 2 years ago

    Brooke has the better voice of all the female singer. I get so tired of listening to these young stars like Clohe singing above their vocal range and using strained throat noise fir drama. Real talent like Brooke's doesn't need such trickery.

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