Kelly Monaco Is Team DreAm - What Team Are You?

  • Lisa - 4 years ago

    After the wedding of Drew and Sam I hardly watch any of GH anymore! I watched the wedding because I thought Sam would back out of it! The writers of GH are destroying the show! I like Drew but not with Sam! I only watch the scenes with Jason, Sonny and Carly now IF I WATCH ANY OF IT AT ALL! Days of our Lives done that to me with John and Marlena when they broke up and I quit watching it and I haven't watched it in YEARS even when they got back together! There is NO CHEMISTRY with Drew and Sam but with Jason and Sam they can just look at each other and don't even have to speak and the chemistry is there! Some couples have it AND SOME JUST DON'T!!!! Whatever happened with the star necklace Jason gave Sam? Why can't there be scenes where she remembers about that! There are couples and there are SUPER COUPLES! Jason and Sam, Sonny and Carly are super couples so wake up writers, give us back Jasam and quit making her look like a Kardashian!!!!! She is Jason side kick RIDE OR DIE not a trophy wife behind a desk! Sam McCall MORGAN LOVES THE EXCITEMENT LIFE!!!! Give us back the old Sam!

  • Travis M. Gridley - 4 years ago

    I think it is a shame that Sam should even have a say so on keeping Drew with her on the show because she is dating him in real life. This is just so wrong and so selfish. She needs to be fired and so does Drew. This is very biased and General Hospital needs a new direction and keep Jason and go forward with him and his life and just get rid of Sam and Drew!!

  • Pat Gridley - 4 years ago

    I cannot stand Sam and Drew together. They are so boring - all they do is stand around trying to convince the other one that they are still in love. They are just users - taking all of Jason's money and living off of him. It makes me sick I just wish the Network would fire Sam and Drew and get them off the show. They are bringing the show down so much. Just let Jason stay on the show and start a new life and find another love and go from there with the show. The show needs this new direction. I think the Network has definitely taken the wrong turn with Sam and Drew and I hope they change it before they loose an awful lot of viewers (including myself) and get them both off the show before it is too late.

  • Anna - 4 years ago

    Sam and Jason are the ultimate team. Their love is Strong and can overcome any obstacles. The chemistry between there characters is by far the best of any soap opera couples. Go team JaSam.

  • Linda - 4 years ago

    I am happy that Billy and Kelly are dating in real life, however Sam and Jason belong together. Drew and go be with Kim or find his past.

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