Will Thorne Succeed In Breaking Up Ridge and Brooke?

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  • Debra - 2 years ago

    I do not like this new Thorne he is arragant, so full of himself. He needs to go back to the ABC soap where he came from. He is doing nothing but causing trouble for everyone. Brooke cares for Thorne as a brother in law she is not in love with him. He should know that by now. There so called marriage years ago did not last long because of Brookes love for Ridge. If Brooke is not going to be with Ridge I would much rather her be with Eric any day over Thorne. Please Eric see that all Thorne is doing is causing problems within the family and ship him back to Paris ASAP. I do not want a. Brooke & Thorne pairing. Brooke and Ridge all the way BRIDGE all the way. Please writers do not put Brooke with Thorne. No chemistry at all..

  • Adrienne Harris - 2 years ago

    Thorne will break them up even if has to get rick and bill on board, Brooke and ridges engagement willl come to a screeching halt for good. Caroline should also come back on the show for ridge to seduce him and get him back

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