Which do you surreptitiously check most often on your phone during meetings? (Poll Closed)

  • Email
    288 votes

  • News
    20 votes

  • Facebook
    13 votes

  • Non-news websites
    4 votes

  • Twitter
    21 votes

  • Instagram or Snapchat
    11 votes

  • Sports
    5 votes

  • Calendar
    17 votes

  • I don't check any of these during meetings
    84 votes



  • masterblaster - 2 years ago

    I'm often invited to meetings "just in case" something comes up that needs my SME assistance - so I multitask for 95% of the meeting. Anyone have suggestions on how to stop the continual "just in case" invites?

  • Bored Amy - 2 years ago

    At my company we’re swamped with work and, since we can’t hire more people, everyone is busy every minute of the day. So the fact that a large department with extensive coworker involvement is meeting intensive means multi-tasking is required just to keep up. No time for social media, or any media in general, just a lot of email checking. Seriously, these people have meetings to plan meetings and then one-up each other on how many hours they worked that week. If a meeting is actually needed and is discussing important topics, the participants are engaged and more likely to give it their undivided attention. If ever there was a group that needed to “work smarter, not harder”, this is definitely it.

  • thb - 2 years ago

    addiction is a terrible thing! all phones should be collected at the beginning of a meeting and then returned when you leave that meeting. concentrate and apply critical thinking

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