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  • T - 2 years ago

    Thorne running amok telling everyones business that was held in secrecy for the benefit of other people involved feelings is reminiscent of his crazy daughter and Sheila.Him steamrolling back to Calling to marry Brooke is a wasted story line as was bringing back Sheila to cause trouble. Leave Eric alone..Want to do something bring Stephanie back in a dream sequence to detail this story line@ the beginning.Thorne acting like Crazy Sheila doesn't work. The writing staff keeps trying to recycle same old story lines year after year is getting redundant and boring. Give Thorne a new love and secret love child .Make him a serial killer or Cia operative.But make him believable as an Actor.This recast didn't have a story line in GH and he is still. Boring as a. Thorne recast. You just brought him in to continue the story he played in GH just with a new Name.(a spoilers of relationships) If you have to have Thorne back actually give him an acting gig not a space placer to give off more environmental exhast fumes in an already crowded stuffy no writing daytime series that dropped dead when Sally and Stephanie left. Send Thorne Steffy Sheila Caroline back to Paris and Jail.Spice up little Sally Katie and Ivy's story line. Make Ivy the voice of reasoning.Get me another power family. Make Maya's family game player's.

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