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Class 2A Mr. Wrestler of the Year (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 24,505

  • Irene hofstad - 5 years ago

    I vote for john mcconkey 2A Wrestler from Atlantic,Iowa

  • Sherice - 5 years ago

    Cooper Lawson. #1 He is a winner..proud auntie

  • Stacey Losee - 5 years ago

    Hey Dick, I mean Richard! You are pretty clueless. Michael gives countless hours to make underclassmen better. My son is an 8th grader, Michael has come in before practice or stayed late no questions asked to make him a better wrestler. This young man is a role model on the mat and off the mat.

  • Heather Thomas - 5 years ago

    Go Mike!

  • Marshall perkins - 5 years ago

    Who ever this Richard character is he has no clue

  • Melissa Blockhus - 5 years ago

    Richard... 1. Full disclosure Michael Blockhus is my son and 2. Shame on you...
    Obviously you do not know Michael other than a couple times you have seen him wrestle and you clearly have no place testifying to his character especially when you arent even brave enough to leave your full name. The wrestling mat is no place for the meek or timid. Michael is an agressive wrestler but that has nothing to do with him having class or being a role model. Michael is a great kid and will go far in life and be very successful in whatever he does. For every jealous hater such as yourself i could find a hundred people that do not share your opinion. I know this because of things people tell me and stories they share with me about Michael and his actions and his behavior and character when i am not there to see it..and some of these people are strangers..i could not be prouder to be Michael’s mom and the person he is and the man he will be. You leave deragatory comments about a high school kid and are not even brave enough to own it and you think you are qualified to judge people’s class and character..??? I do not know you but based on this i do know Michael probably has more class and intergrity in his little finger than you clearly do in your entire being. On another note..good luck to all the guys on this list..they are all worthy of winning!!

  • Les Lickiss - 5 years ago

    Richard are you serious! It's obvious that you don't know this young man! Wrestles dirty???? Michael wrestles the Iowa way!! He is tough on his opponent the way that the Brands brothers were on their opponents! Look what that has done for those guys. I think the moral of your comment has a lot of jealousy in it! Maybe he roughed up someone that is close to you? If that is the case, that other person should get a little tougher! In closing, a punk is someone who doesn't leave their full name!!!!!

  • Matt Fettkether - 5 years ago

    Making a negative comment about someone else’s kid is pretty classless also. If the athlete was good enough to make this list, obviously someone thought enough of him.

  • Gail - 5 years ago

    My 12 year old son has been in club wrestling with Michael Blockhus for the past few years. I don't think I could ask for a better role model than Michael, great kid!

  • Travis Blockhus - 5 years ago

    Richard. Maybe you'd like to use your real or full name and I'd be happy to discuss your opinion with you?

  • Richard - 5 years ago

    Michael blockhus is a punk. Wrestles dirty the underclass men. Doesn't take much to be classy and a role model.

  • thunder nuts - 5 years ago

    Robertsons clearly the funnest to watch... Kids an absolute hammer

  • Dan gable - 5 years ago

    Aden Reeves has nothing on Doolittle prodigy my butt

  • I have no life - 5 years ago

    Do u have friends, cause I don't

  • Choco milk - 5 years ago

    Cinniomun is gweat

  • Luke Erickson - 5 years ago

    Vote Brice Esmoil. He’s not only a amazing wrestler but an amazing guy. Great kid totally deserves it.

  • Alex Cross - 5 years ago

    i like turtles

  • Morgy - 5 years ago

    Vote Jordan baumler he’s a great wrestler, his sister Emily is his biggest supporter vote Jordan!!!!

  • I don't know who I am - 5 years ago


  • Cal - 5 years ago

    Aden is a 120 pound man that could kick Andre the Giants ass.

  • Nina - 5 years ago

    Good luck Matt Robertson

  • Nina - 5 years ago

    Good luck Matt Robertson

  • Anita Smuck - 5 years ago

    John McConkey

  • Aden R - 5 years ago

    I love Albia

  • Carlie Voss - 5 years ago


  • David morris - 5 years ago

    Heat seeking missles

  • Lexie mckim - 5 years ago

    A train

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