Who SHOULD win <i>The Voice</i> Season 13?

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Posted 2 years.


  • Ruth - 2 years ago

    Who is this person getting paid high dollars to criticize singers your writing & comments SUCK
    If u can't say something nice about someone, do not speak

  • Steve Parker - 2 years ago

    The addition of the duets-both with fellow contestants and with coaches—totally took the impartiality out of the voting process and was thus unfair to the contestants—particularly because the duets counted in the overall score—the duets were for the benefit of ratings and the coaches careers—and to the detriment of the contestants—and should be eliminated.Duets make it impossible for a fair vote—and this year gave Chloe a distinct advantage because Blake has so much experience with duets and Chloe had better duet contestant partners

  • Haelli - 2 years ago

    Addison is the real artist with creativity and originality.

  • james rivis - 2 years ago

    As great as she is Chloe is too recognizable as being so much like Stevie Nicks so I cannot escape that I might be voting for her cover artist. On the. other hand Addison Aigen is much more of herself even despite two Joni Mitchell covers.

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